Saturday, March 30, 2013

one surprise after another!!!!!!!

partying is always such fun but sometimes you end up at a party where you really have nooooooooooo idea what's next!!!!!!!!
lebanese fooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood yummmmmmmmm!!!!!
everyone chatty, friendly........ it is sooooooooo nice to go to a party where you know no one and within seconds everyone is talking to you........
back to the food omg!!!!!!!!! yum yum yum!!!!!!
......the belly dancer wow!!!!!!! i wonder if there comes a time when our bodies are just toooooooo old and stiff to learn the art of "belly dancing" about a workout!!!!!!! .......
this was the first party where i had to remind myself to go up and dance, i was having to much fun watching everyone else dancing!!!!!!! one minute you were transported to the middle east and then the next minute the dancing changed dramatically and you were back........and this went on all night!!!!!!
and then the next surprise was pulled out of the hat!!!!!!!
game show after game show.......
my friend and i did manage to upset one man......we thought he was 40......turns out he was a 23 year old professional soccer player!!!!!! hard one to get out of!!!!!! to make things right he forced my friends husband to dance the shuffle with him...... :-) what a good sport!!!!!!!
oh what a night full of fun and laughter!!!!!!!
and i can't wait to be invited to the next assyrian party!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what a fabulous way to stay young and happy!!!!!!!! dancing/eating/laughing!!!!!!!!

                                                             (-: Rhoda :-)

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

drop a crumb and i'll scoop it up!!!!!!!!

when my friend's 3 year old son said.......rhoda......look.......omg!!!!!!! yes i totally need one of those, no more backbreaking vacuuming cleaning nonsense...what's next a dancing mop!!!!!!!!!!! and a flying window cleaner!!!!!!! i like i like i like........

                                                                           (-: Rhoda :-)

Sunday, March 24, 2013

breathe in the feeling!!!!!!!!

   not today and not tomorrow but whenever i have that little phone never let's me down......a little like window shopping.....i get to enjoy the feeling of a yum breakfast....but walk away without the bloat!!!!!!! not a bad way to start the day!!!!!!! :-)
                                                                   (-: Rhoda :-)

Friday, March 22, 2013

love exotic or comfortable!!!!!!!!

do we have a type???
why do some of us get divorced and end up with younger or same versions of the same
others end up with something totally different....
i wonder???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
is it a bit like food!!!!!!!!! if you like good old easy peasy chicken and chips why venture
to far out of your comfort zone????????
whatever the truth about food and love.......
it is always fun watching what people eat........and wondering what their food would tell you
about their love?????? :-)

                                                                  (-: Rhoda :-)

Thursday, March 21, 2013

bubbles and more bubbles!!!!!!!

girls night show!!!!!!!!
freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeezing in the cold of the night........waiting for the front doors to open..........
and then walking into the main entrance of the shopping centre.........WOW!!!!!!! there is something
to be said about walking into a department store at night when all the stores are closed....the smells
are different and the atmosphere changes...funny... although we were surrounded by women all wearing different fragrances....the place didn't have that distinct perfumery smell about it....
champagne was served as a welcoming drink accompanied by supper in a box (easy to eat and handle)....
seating was plentiful but choosing your seat is always such fun....a handbag was strategically seated on my pick....and when i asked the lady if the seat was occupied....well....what can i say some people feel entitled to seating their handbag...good news is handbags and floors, laps or chairs work perfectly i took my seat....ignoring my "happy" neighbour :-) and then the real fun began....
a roll of masking tape fell from up us all a bit of a jump....while we waited for the
the fashion show to half an hour....the same handbag ladies managed to drink 5 glasses of was amazing watching them.....glasses of champagne would materialize from under their seats.... PURE MAGIC!!!!!!
the fashion show came and went and although we enjoyed the show and especially the music which was live....our ladies next door were far more entertaining....and then the grand finale!!!!!!!
gift bags to be collected and yes our ladies managed one more glass of champagne!!!!!!
i was so busy watching six glasses of champagne disappear as fast as they appeared that i didn't even manage to finish my one glass of champagne.......
all i can say is oh what a night!!!!!!!!!!
                                                        HAPPY CHAMPAGNE!!!!!!!!

                                                                     (-: Rhoda :-)

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

happy orange!!!!!!!!

when you don't have a restaurant in mind or a booking to look forward to.....what is it that makes you open a random door and decided....yup this looks like the place....let's eat here.......
this time round, it wasn't the popularity of the place, the food on people's plates, the menu, the d├ęcor....
it was the orange pepper grinder on the table....
                                                  and we weren't disappointed!!!!!!!!!!

                                                                   (-: Rhoda :-)

Monday, March 18, 2013

californian troll!!!!!!

                                      i see but i don't remember what my troll looks like
                                      my little norwegian export pa/trolling the hills of california
                                      with her hair meshing in with the contours of the trees
                                      snarling fiercely at hikers that ask her to speed up
                                      trees and plants stretching to hear the troll's quiet complaints
                                      where am i woof woof not a toilet in sight

                                                                       (-: Rhoda :-)

surprise topic!!!!!!!!

what to do but force yourself to stay awake and enjoy a rather fascinating conversation!!!!!!!
so there i found myself sitting beside a very young chatty lady from romania who educated me on DRACULA.... based on a 15th Century King Vlad Tepes. they called Vlad Dracu (meaning the devil).
he had a rather nasty habit of punishing his enemies by chopping off their heads and putting them on a stick and it is this habit that gave him the name Tepes...
she also talked of his beautiful dark castle built in a all sounded very picturesque...imagining the continuation of the mountain....and how the castle was built to protect Transylvania....apparently Vlad Tepes only spent one night at Bran Castle on his travels...she said he never lived there....
she went on to tell me how admired and loved Vlad Tepes was ....and how the children at school learnt of his bravery and victories.....
then from Dracula to the wonderful people of Transylvania....
she spoke of their kind nature.......easy going and calm!!!!!!
and then she shared a joke with me...
how many snails can you see in an hour?
none...the snails were running to fast....

who knows maybe one day our paths will cross in Transylvania and i will visit Dracula's Castle with a very chatty happy Transylvanian never know!!!!!!!

                                                          (-: Rhoda :-)
nb: i am not a historian, this is simply a fun conversation i had with a stranger :-)

Thursday, March 14, 2013

left sock right sock!!!!!!!

trying to figure out the left and right sock
is there a difference between the right and left foot??
or is there a difference how the foot owner wants it to be shown??
does one smell more than the other??
and if we were to colour them beautiful would they turn out the same??
can two socks end up on one foot while leaving the other bare??
if you wear two socks on one foot do you have to wash both socks??

                                                                   (-: Rhoda :-)

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

hide and seek!!!!!!!!

my friend and i were driving past a park happily chatting away.....when i looked out of the window and saw a man playing hide and seek in the park....and then i noticed that he was playing hide and seek with his dog....who was pretty good at the game!!!!!!
                                                             happy happy happy dog!!!!!!!!
the other dogs around seemed quite envious and by the look of it.....would have gladly joined in.....shame maybe next time they'll be invited to play!!!!!!!!!

                                                                        (-: Rhoda :-)

Sunday, March 10, 2013

woven hair!!!!!!!!

washed ashore separated from the onslaught of civilized cleanliness
my shampoo and conditioner nowhere to be found
days and weeks roll by no reality inducing mirror can i buy
refuge from the sun and wind and crabs birds weave nests in my hair
from finches to starlings and pelicans and migrating geese a kransekake is woven
eggs safely guarded in the mesh of my hair a hundred hatchlings i am protecting there

(-: Rhoda :-)

can you see it??????

am i old or what????
everyone around me seems to have tattoos....
and if i thought i knew what tattoos look like i was in for a surprise....walking into this shop with
my friend....we met a lovely young person...she must have been 19 or 20 anyway....she had a tattoo here and there and we got onto the subject pretty quickly....between our visits to the changing room
and her fantastic eye for picking clothes that totally made us look....can't say slim but definitely healthy fit....she showed us her wrists where she had yet more tattoos which we couldn't was like walking into the twilight can you have a tattoo if we can't see it.....
WELL....apparently you can get a uv light tattoo....
smart i guess for different reasons....BUT....i still don't get it....why would you go through the pain of getting a tattoo if you can't see it??????????????????
or maybe it's more special if you can only see it and enjoy it under an ultraviolet light????????
talk about being in the dark!!!!!!!!!!

(-: Rhoda :-)

Friday, March 1, 2013

his and hers!!!!!!!!

the perfect his and hers public he can splash as much as he likes and she can enjoy a clean and dry toilet experience!!!!!!

and the icing on the cake for those who can't squat lots of complimentary toilet seat covers available!!!!!!

nothing like a cleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeean public toilet!!!!!!!!!!
and if you'r lucky they might even have some really NICE music playing in the background!!!!!

*it seems to be more and more common to share toilets with the opposite sex in public establishments so hope to see more of this.....
why why oh why???
maybe women got tired of watching the swinging doors as men walked out and in of their facilities....while women had time to take out a book or knit while waiting waiting waiting...........

(-: Rhoda :-)