Monday, April 22, 2013

weather rat!!!!!!!!

                 just looked out the window and saw a happy rat running along the sidewalk.....
                                                could this be a sign that spring is here???????
                                                                   (-: Rhoda :-)

Sunday, April 21, 2013

swimming in colours!!!!!!!!

as i logged out of facebook add from match. com came singles near you....and i thought of this fish....nice to know there are lots of fish swimming in the sea looking for another fish....but like this fish it can be pretty nice to be out of the water!!!!!

                                                                    (-: Rhoda :-)

Saturday, April 20, 2013

skål to a new friend!!!!!!!

met someone new falanghina
with a crisp hop skip and jump

leaving sauvignon standing at the door
his music left unheard
while our new italian friend
kaleidoscope d with song's i'v heard

(-: Rhoda :-)

Friday, April 19, 2013

shopping math!!!!!!

male brain:
(no exceptions!!)
female brain:
shopping math:
1 lovely pair of new shoes
1 future replacement pair of shoes
only one pair of shoes purchased

(:-Rhoda :-)

Thursday, April 18, 2013

keeping it simple!!!!!!!!

so you walk into a public toilet, the tiles are black, the loo paper is black, you can hear the cool music which isn't really playing....but the atmosphere created is really cool!!!!!!! and then you STOP and think....shouldn't loo paper and towels be white......especially in a public facility......
although i must admit that it would be pretty cool to have a his and hers....white on white for her and black on black for him!!!!!!

to be safe i always travel with a pack of never know when you'll be met by some designer fancy coloured loo paper which looks super happy!!!!!! but some things just feel better kept basic, water and soap and white loo paper......not to mention the loo paper full of little anecdotes and quotes, fun at home but the queue outside has no time for you to enjoy a good read inside.....just keeping it real...walk in and out....easy peasy!!!!!!!!

(-: Rhoda :-)

Wednesday, April 17, 2013


 had the pleasure of enjoying a conversation with a very interesting professor, who spoke about the concentration or lack of concentration skills of his students....and they were not 18,19 or 20....but 30!!!!!!
and how we are all constantly switched on all day.....forgetting to allow our brains to take some time out....and just relax!!!!!!

so what better time and place to relax but with a meal.....we need to remember whose the boss... and ....turn off "the mobile phone"....and relax!!!!!!!!!

people seem to manage perfectly well on long haul flights.......and that is hours and hours and hours of wonder so many people manage to fall asleep....their brains are finally free to drift off and enjoy the most natural thing in the world.....DREAMING.....

(-: Rhoda :-)

Monday, April 15, 2013

mum today mum tomorrow!!!!!!!

we all remember that BIG DAY!!!!!!!
when we no longer call up another mum and organize a play date for our kids because they are NOW old enough to organize their own social calendar....
so why is it?????????? that when we meet interesting people, we can't help ourselves but what a fascinating/interesting person.......i just know that my kid would love to meet this person.....and so the mum in us kicks in and before we know it......yup we'v done it again......must be the mum thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

none of us are in a hurry, running the race at high speed to grow old....but once we get there....we might as well be happy!!!!!!! being happy and constantly growing what a fun way to live life!!!!!!!

                                                                (-: Rhoda :-)

Friday, April 12, 2013

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah to be young again!!!!!!!!!!

sitting in a cab looking out the window daydreaming!!!!!!!
the cab driver says something and then i realize he is talking to me.....
what what what???
you are very beautiful!!!!!!!
i smile and say you should have seen me when i was twenty!!!!!!
we both laugh and talk about wonderful beautiful stockholm......
(-: Rhoda :-)

Thursday, April 11, 2013

the case of the missing sock!!!!!!

wherefore art thou my sock?
my drawer has no lock

they don't go bump in the night....
they just go missing

how can it be?
should i stay awake and listen?

stomp stomp stomp
i'm lifted from my sleep

and find myself half on
a sleepwalking man's feet

as a pair we leave my room
but i come back alone....

my mate has been left
somewhere on his own...

(-: Rhoda :-)

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

put the grump on ice!!!!!!!!

today was one of those days....when i kept walking past people and thinking......
you really need an ice cream TODAY!!!!!!!
i'v never seen a person upset eating ice cream.......
grumpy man no. 1 yelling at the poor conductor telling him that he will report him to the authorities for being rude and not issuing him with a legible stamp on his ticket strip....
when the conductor had already explained to him....that they were used to the smudgy stamps and could read them without a problem.
grumpy man no. 2 cutting off the cab driver and yelling at him that he would report him to the authorities for hooting at him.....
when the cab driver calmly explained that he was concerned the cyclist hadn't seen him.....
grumpy lady at the post office....took one look at the letters in front of her....and looked like she was
ready to go home for the day.
if only they'd had a little ice cream today....they would have all been happy happy happy!!!!!!!
                                                   and today was such a beautiful day!!!!!!!

                                                                         (-: Rhoda :-)

Sunday, April 7, 2013

finding the sun!!!!!

april must be the month when we just decide enough is enough!!!!!!!!
no more winter jackets......
i keep walking past people on the street who have obviously adopted this attitude!!!!!!!
come sunshine or wind...they are determined to bring on the warm spring weather....
so i thought i'd be brave and join the rest of the happy spring feeling pedestrians on the streets....
and was i in for a shock!!!!!!! i couldn't feel a thing by the time i reached my destination, my
nose was frozen, my fingers couldn't grip a thing and as for my toes they weren't feeling very
on the upside....i felt like i was playing hopscotch as i walked the streets hopping from one spot
to another finding the sunny side!!!!!!
what better way to beat the cold than turn it into a game, look silly on the street but have fun
at the same time!!!!!!!
like the happy spring dressed people on the streets i too want warm weather but i'll keep my
warm coat on a bit longer....after all one of the nicest feelings is sitting out in the snow on a sunny
or maybe i'm just not twenty anymore haha!!!!!!!

(-: Rhoda :-)

good morning!!!!!!!

day 2 of my diet:
black coffee and one slice of bread for breakfast (i chose knäckerbröd instead ) good old wasa with all their years of experience bringing knäckerbröd to the table, they never disappoint!!!!!!
woke up especially early this morning.....nothing like a relaxing wake up.....
freshly brewed coffee in bed plus the knäck...looking pretty boring without any spreads or toppings....probably why one is must be all the yum stuff on top which makes us greedy for more and more and more!!!!!!! so why not pretend the knäckerbröd is actually a knäck....let the imagination tease your senses.....
my pillow on my lap in an effort to protect me from whatever energy my laptop is transmitting......
and a quick look at facebook, always good to be reminded of your friends birthdays....and you never know what interesting postings you might find.......
well today....i was happily surprised!!!!!!!
and i would like to share a posting here.....what a wonderful read....and it totally managed to take my mind off FOOD!!!!!!! great now i will make it to lunch and follow the next set menu :-)
so if you are looking for the next book for your book club or simply enjoy a good read and have a hair's the book for you:
"Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie"
and to put you in the mood....
"Love in the time of cornrows: Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie on her new novel" The telegraph
good morning!!!!!!!

(-: Rhoda:-)

Wednesday, April 3, 2013


so there i was feeling very proud of myself having saved two large sized suitcases full of my babies clothes.........lots of memories........lots and lots and lots!!!!!!!
as i opened the luggage every piece of clothing brought with it my mind wandered i found myself in different places surrounded by different people and sceneries and my babies were front of me in all their different outfits....being babies....i even found a few items that belonged to me as a baby....
the bags were full of clothes, blankets, towels omg the baby ones with hoodies sooooooo cute!!!!!!!, shoes, book of names....pampers, etc...etc...etc....omg!!!!!! the memories....funny how you just remember, the clothes they wore on the day you brought them home from the hospital AMAZING!!!!!!!
anyway!!!!!! next step, after the excitement, my nose took over and i decided to give the clothes a good wash before repacking them for my grandchildren one day or at least for the sake of nice memories!!!!!
was i in for a home, every room in my home was engulfed in the smell of musty was horrid....i opened all the windows, freezing was not an option!!!!!!!!
lit candles the smelly ones as well as the non-smelly ones....and as i patiently waited for the washing machine and dryer to do their thing....i walked around my home sniffing away hoping that the windows would help move the smell out into the cold!!!!!!!
the kids were great!!!!!!! they were surprised that i had kept all this stuff and they had fun looking at each piece of clothing....lots of soooooooo cute!!!!!!!! and we made a little party of the whole thing....kind of like a going away party!!!!!!! the clothes were admired and appreciated and then the kids told me it was ok to say goodbye!!!!!!!
everything was moldy and couldn't be saved.....and i had to accept that the time had come to say adieu!!!!!
next newspaper "pure magic"....i put sheets of the stuff in my laundry machines allowing the newspaper to absorb any yucky smells and tarrrrrrrra!!!!!!! smell all gone....
home smelling as it should and my moment of nostalgia placed carefully in big bags destination bye bye!!!!!!!

                                                             (-: Rhoda :-)