Wednesday, October 31, 2012


 first halloween ever!!!!!!!
totally WOW!!!!!!
even got complimented on my costume!!!!!!!
omg!!!!!! what fun hearing that doorbell ring..... i was so excited that when the first dad rocked up with his kid....i couldn't help jumping up and down with my bowl of sweets and....the teenager i was with had to tell the dad that it was my first halloween ever!!!!! the little 4 or something year old couldn't stop staring at me horrified!!!!!!
then a group of young girls came to the door and i said happy valentines day!!!!!
and they looked at each other as they walked away and said....she said happy valentines day....
when i turned around and walked back into the house....everyone around me made me practice saying...
and who would have thought that there were rules to giving out these young boys asked me how many sweets they could have and i said as many as you want.....and once again when i turned around and walked back into the house ....i was told off!!!!!!!!
apparently there are rules!!!!! and the doorbell rings for a couple of hours so you can't be left with an empty bowl!!!!!!!
honestly can't i just not open the door once the candy is gone .....and go back to my dinner!!!!!!
 but then some kids make it more these two teenagers walked holding a bag with her name on it....and the other had two bags one for romney and the other for obama....
so with a big smile ....she said....i think you should vote for me!!!!!!!
the young ambitious girl got the candy!!!!!!
happy halloween!!!!!!!

(-: Rhoda :-)

napa valley!!!!!!!!

 weekends are a perfect time to get into the car and drive off....
wine country is always matter where in the world!!!!!!!
but if you have a boyfriend/friend who is obsessed with the outdoors and nature will find yourself visiting a vineyard like no other....
it's amazing to even imagine that someone would think of setting up a vineyard as close as possible to the clouds!!!!!!!
 driving driving!!!!!! simply enjoying the beautiful vines and the gorgeous homes on the vineyards....
 then this.....a windy road up up up to the vineyard....two way traffic if you please!!!!!!!
 so nothing to do but enjoy the magnificent view and forget about meeting oncoming traffic!!!!!!!!!
 and the view simply gets more and more magical!!!!!!!!

 so what do you do once you are there......the wine tasting was okay!!!!! our connoisseur wasn't that enthusiastic....shame really with such an obnoxiously gorgeous view...but i guess that's the thing about going wine really hope you will be surprised by a tour from the actual winemaker YES!!!!!! that way you will feel special meeting the wine maker, tasting his/her creation, being guided through not only the steps of wine making but also learning how to appreciate the wine.... the wine maker will be naturally passionate and proud of his/her wines which will then make the tasting so much more enjoyable!!!!!!!!....
you will no longer find yourself holding just another glass of wine....but this time it will be a piece of art....carefully crafted for your pleasure!!!!!!!!

beautiful wine country!!!!!!

(-: Rhoda :-)

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

the letter!!!!!!

i have this wonderfully artistic friend who keeps changing her profile picture on f/b and each time she makes a change....i find myself smiling remembering bits of her fun personality!!!!!
celebrating friendships is such a joy!!!!!
we are so lucky to be able to connect with our friends around the world so easily and somehow keep the friendships alive by sharing our thoughts,  feelings, adventures, experiences, interests, ups and downs... and just life in general!!!!!!!!!
i still remember the days of letter writing....and all the thought that went into which kind of paper you were going to use....there was the standard airmail letter, which you folded and sealed....then you could choose between the more elegant writing paper or the fun more decorative variety...
now that i think of it....i use to collect writing favourite was the grease collection......the funny thing is that i still enjoy the movie today!!!!!! it's all history now but it would have been fun to share this interest with my kids....although they would probably look at me and say mummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm that is soooooooooooo OLD!!!!!!!!!!!!
well i do miss my visits to the post office.....standing in line with my letter in hand....enjoying a conversation with the person helping me behind the counter....
i especially miss the trips to the postal box....filled with anticipation wondering if there was mail for me....and from whom????
there was something magical about the wait!!!!! today it's all just a button away....we no longer have to wait for the letter!!!!!!!

the best part of the letter....was figuring out when to open it....and you had to be especially careful if it was one of those airmail folded up ones so you didn't tear up a sentence....because words were not saved on the screen!!!!!!!!! and nothing could bring tears to your eyes more than losing words in "the letter".....

(-: Rhoda :-)

Monday, October 29, 2012

whatever works!!!!!!!!!

should there be a sign at petrol stations saying....
hey guys it's okay to fill up....girls like to sit in a car knowing that the warning light wont pop up on a highway!!!!!!
not sure if this is a guy/girl thing but i find it a little bit uncomfortable sitting in a car cruising along the highway without petrol!!!!! and that whole indicator of how much longer the car can drive on empty doesn't do much to console me....
so the trick not to nag nag nag which is reallllllllllllllllllllllllllly boring but to act cool and appeal to a man's stomach....finding a nice place to stop for a snack and a petrol station can be tricky!!!!!!
a stop at a fast food restaurant might be a good excuse to fill up the tank....but then you might have to enjoy the rest of the ride with gas and what's the solution....a pre-packed healthy snack basket but then how will you find an excuse to make it off the highway!!!!!!
so you are left with a trip to the bathroom...guaranteed to work...
so the next time he thinks it's cool to drive on empty because yes the car says we have another hour left on the gage and our destination is 50minutes away....find the nearest petrol station and use or even pretend to use the bathroom!!!!!!
these facilities can be pretty funky!!!!!!

happy compromise!!!!!!

(-: Rhoda :-)

Sunday, October 28, 2012


is it okay to look silly on a bike??
riding a bike seems real easy when you are young....slowly you manage to get your balance and off you go...but when you haven't ridden a bike in over a decade, the idea of hopping onto a bike again can seem pretty scary....
you just have to sit in traffic and watch all the bikers ride past you, in their spandex clothing...all geared up for the ride...with their water bottles in place, their shaved legs and perfectly fitted helmets....moving so rhythmically, you almost feel like joining them....and then it hits you....these bikers and their easy riding skills are intimidating!!!!!!!!

when you hop on a bike, you want to be able to have some kind of flow going....the idea of having to stop every five minutes for a break, a breather and a stretch...means that the ride might take for ever!!!!!!!
falling off your bike either because you simply loose your balance or just can't pedal any longer can be pretty embarrassing but then walking your bike home because walking is far easier than pedaling can also be embarrassing....

                      so is spandex a necessity on a bike and is it okay to simply enjoy the ride
                                                            on or off your bike??

                                                               (-: Rhoda :-)


one of the joys in life must be sweet smelling deliciously tasting fruit!!!!!!!
the other joy in life must be taking time off cooking and having someone else spoil you by preparing your meal!!!!!

this wonderfully prepared basket arrived on the back of a bicycle......a most charming and romantic way to present a meal!!!!!

                   (-: Rhoda :-)

Saturday, October 27, 2012

long distance works!!!!!

                                           Año Nuevo State Reserve

 sweatshirt, sneakers and a bottle of water....there is nothing like a walk in the california outdoors where you really have no idea where you will end start walking along a pathway adorned by the Pacific and then through sand dunes and beyond as a very distinctive smell tickles your are met by this wonderful site....elephant seals....playing and sunbathing on the sand...what a picture!!!!!!!
it is like summer camp....where the mums are away eating and getting fat for their growing babies somewhere north of hawaii and the dads are busy fishing off the aleutian islands.....while the pups just hang out having the time of their life until mum and dad come back home!!!!!!!

(-: Rhoda :-)

Friday, October 26, 2012


i think i'v just met my new best friend...
"the transformer"....well the real name for this machine is:
freemotion dual cable cross or functional trainer....omg!!!!!!!!!!! the things you can get up to on/with this piece of equipment...i wanted to post a picture but i didn't think the other people in the gym would appreciate having their bums on my blog!!!!!!

so there are those who cannot function without working out regularly, they feel tired, lethargic, unhappy, moody, sulky, snappy, bored, irritable...they may even suffer from lack of brain activity etc...etc...etc...
i don't have any of the above problems, in fact i am quite happy walking past any/all gyms and smiling at all those dedicated healthy looking people who spend hours in the gym making sure they age in the youngest possible way.........if i didn't have kids and people around me constantly nagging, i would probably never open the door to a gym......

 However once the door is opened ....the gym can be a fun place!!!!! i love the variety of ways in which you can work i am extremely unmotivated...i appreciate the help of a PT in that way i know that the hour will not be wasted and i wont injure myself.... who would have thought that you could do so much with a "cow bell"....

                                                                       or a band??

 and then these simple slippery pads....i kept thinking it was a good way to polish floors!!!!! but wow do they work....i could hardly move my legs after the challenge of these innocent looking pads!!!!!

well thanks to my extremely pushy kids....i do force myself to go to the gym and the surprising thing is that i always feel terrific after the challenge of pushing myself!!!!!!

happy workout!!!!!

(-: Rhoda :-)

Thursday, October 25, 2012

chill day!!!!!

chilling is such fun!!!!!!
perhaps not everyday then you'd worry that you were becoming a couch potato NOT GOOD!!!!! but once in a while, it is so nice, to just allow yourself to do nothing, or something but not really anything....
so today is one of those days...the sun is finally showing its smile and the garden is filled not with squirrels today but men at work trimming the trees, as long as i don't have to look up the trees and watch them standing on branches, which i find hard to believe can hold their's all good!!!!!!!
there are so many ways to pass the time on a nothing favourite is surrounding myself with my novel, magazines, sudoku, computer and a cup of coffee...NICE!!!!!!
moving between the outdoors and the indoors following the sun and just enjoying the peace and quiet of doing something but really nothing!!!!!!

(-: Rhoda :-)


dating is always exciting!!!!!! it doesn't really matter how old you are or what shape you'r in....the butterflies still manage to find their way....young butterflies or old butterflies...they can still fly and make you happy!!!!!!!

sightseeing is always fun but then after a long walk it is nice to stop and have a seat, taking a moment to build up your energy for more walking and exploring....and then you find yourself seated at this very romantic "kissing bench" how cute!!!!!!! seriously every city around the world should have a "kissing bench" after all.......this is very important!!!!!! a reminder to all those couples out there...that it is time to stop, sit down and kiss....

and then coffee is a must, it doesn't even have to be the best coffee ever or even the yummiest chocolate have had your kiss on the "kissing bench" any coffee and chocolate will do now....the butterflies have taken are happy happy happy!!!!!!

so happy that you forget it's not summer and sit at a table like this for a meal because are in love!!!!!! the butterflies make any isolated table look romantic and cosy....the weather AAaaaaach!!!! small details...after all the one thing we are always prepared for in the north is warm clothing!!!!!!

a kiss....a coffee....a nice meal....and lots of butterflies!!!!!!!

(-: Rhoda :-)

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

fun balance!!!!!!!!

food can be so amazingly tasty!!!!!!!

 isn't it fun to enjoy the variety of tastes that can be found in the roll....take this one for instance... tuna with macadamia wow!!!!!! i don't even like tuna but this roll was amazing!!!!!!! it is incredible what you can put into a roll...soft shell crab is another exotic taste!!!!! and the tastes go on and on and on!!!!!! there really is no stopping the imagination when it comes to fillings and toppings for the roll!!!!!!!
mexican food is another food where the imagination can run wild!!!!!!!
this serving was fun to eat...a bit like a mini tasting plate of soft shelled tacos....yum yum!!!!!
nothing like eating something a little naughty but in teeny tiny portions so you are left happy from the experience without the guilt of gluttony!!!!!!
but then when no one is really looking and you are enjoying the highs of eating fast may decide to go the whole way...believing that you are in mexico and why not??? have a jarritos!!!!!! this soft drink is guaranteed to give you a sugar kick you'll never forget!!!!


note to ?...keeping it gluten free and going to the gym :-)

(-: Rhoda :-)

isn't it nice!!!!!!!

                                  to know that someone took the time to fold your loo paper!!!!!!!!
       to know that you will walk out of the shower or bath onto this happily folded floor towel!!!!!!
                            to have white towels folded so beautifully for your convenience!!!!!!

white, soft, fresh smelling thoughtfully folded towels can really make your stay!!!!!!!!

(-: Rhoda :-)

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

hair on the loose!!

now this is nothing to joke about!!!!!!!!
for those of you who are born with easy peasy, wash and go hair, the texture that simply needs a shake or the classic fingers fixing, you are all set for any day....
rain or shine, hat or wind, your hair will happily fall back into place....
yes and there are many of us out there, who run when we smell and feel the first rain drop absentmindedly leaving our coffee on the counter or even walking out in mid-conversation because we must at any cost make it into our car before our hair gets wet....this is a serious matter and let there be no traffic between the hair and the car because traffic can S-T-O-P but the hair cannot get wet...especially if the hair has just been blow-dried!!!!!! now blow-dried hair is especially sensitive, you can not touch it and if you go to sleep beside it, it might be better to look the other way....the hair must be protected at any cost but there is help out there....the sleeping net!!!!!! guaranteed to keep the hair beautifully coiffed and also guaranteed to ensure that you get a good nights sleep with no interruptions!!!!!!!
if curly is your look then you will love the humidity, hopeless for straight hair but for the curls they will bounce with moisture and shine!!!!!!!

there are so many looks out there, funky colouring, experimental hair styles, but the one thing some of us cannot control is the morning look!!!!!!! if you are one of those who does not have easy peasy shake and go hair, then be the first to wake up... unless you are happy to share the joys of having hair on the loose!!!!!!!

(-: Rhoda :-)

Monday, October 22, 2012

for real!!!!!!!

                                                 DID SOMEONE SAY COOKIES!!!!!!!

how are you supposed to pick one when the choice goes on and on and on....and these are all organic!!!!!!! i thought organic meant easy!!!!! back to nature!!!!! how can all this choice be organically good for are we supposed to feel relaxed and zen after our shopping experience if even the organic stores overload us with choice!!!!!!!

but then if you are lucky!!!!! you will choose the counter with the happy cashier and forget all about the choices that were driving you crazy a moment ago...
he or she will have the most welcoming smile and be so fast and efficient that before you know what hit you, your shopping will be scanned and packed, you'll find yourself engrossed in conversation while paying and as you walk out the store with your happy groceries, you will watch as all the other shoppers who did not choose the happy cashier stand exhausted waiting in line, in a hurry to move on....

way to go happy cashiers!!!!!!!

(-: Rhoda :-)

hidden farm

this was the most hidden farm i had ever walked through.....i imagined i'd be enjoying the outdoors but the steepness and the narrow hiking surprised my calf muscles....
going to the gym does wonders for your mood but it isn't until you start walking up and up a track into the hills that you really feel how much help your heart needs...

the fresh air and the open outdoors when you ignore your sore muscles is just beautiful!!!!!!!!

and then the oxygen kicks in and you just need and want to sing......
so you start on Alouette gentille alouette....a perfect marching song!!!!!!! and then when you are really feeling light on your feet you start speaking a foreign language and truly believe that you are fluent!!!!!!

happing trekking!!!!!!!

(-: Rhoda :-)

Sunday, October 21, 2012

pumpkin fever!!!!!!

experiencing something for the first time is always terribly exciting!!!!!!! even patches of pumpkins for sale can be a joy to watch!!!!!!
choosing your perfect pumpkin for halloween must be as exciting as going out into the woods and picking that perfect tree for christmas!!!!!!
nothing like beginning a festivity with a family activity in the outdoors to get you into the mood for the holidays!!!!!!!
happy picking!!!!!

(-: Rhoda :-)

squirrel with a pen

walked out the door
what did i see
my man holding a t-shirt
saying blog onto me

a blogger i am
and writing i'll be
words come to me
hap easily

letting them out
is fun for me
smile as you read lifts your mood you'll see
happy and free i am and i'll be
a squirrel with a pen and a free thinker i must be

(-: Rhoda :-)

Saturday, October 20, 2012

happy toppings!!!!!!!!

what is it about we ever grow out of loving the smell and taste of this wonderfully inviting food!!!!!!
if it's not memories of childhood that do it to us then it must be all the variety of toppings we can spread on the pancake...this must be one of those foods where whatever you have in your fridge or pantry will taste delicious on your pancake....sweet or savoury....the pancake will never fail!!!!!!!!
there is no time of the day to enjoy this dish and as it is so easy to make even teenagers can impress with this dish...but for some reason i still haven't managed to make my first digestible pancake, i'v tried everything, the old fashioned recipe, the pre-packed mix with water and even the liquid batter all ready made in your fridge at the local supermarket...only thing left is to scoop into the frying pan and  flip.......WELL.....i am not ashamed of this failure but i must admit that nothing brings a smile to me than the smell of pancakes and someone to make them for me.....
happy rolling!!!!!!!

(-: Rhoda :-)

Friday, October 19, 2012

team spirit!!!!!!

walked into the post office and went to stand by one of those customer tables....there was this young man (19-21??) marking a box with prison clothes, so i thought to myself wow!!!!!! i'v seen charity for children's homes and all sorts of organizations but i'v never seen boxes marked for the prisons....
the young man then turned to me and asked me if i was standing in line and i said nope, she's all yours....
the young man
-the families have to send clothing to the jails
-i thought you wore uniforms in jail
the young man:
-it's for my younger brothers release
then this woman walked in read the marked box and the young man said
-i don't bite
the woman then walked passed him in that awkward know...THE if i can't see you, you can't see me way!!!!!!
the young man
-is my box well marked
-i'd say so, you'v covered every possible surface of the box in big black marker pen, i think it is very clear
anyway it was time for me to leave so i said
-bye and good luck!!!!!!
the young man
-thanks :-)
a few hours later, i was thrown into a very different world, the world of AIR BAND CONTEST....
all i know is that i stood in the longest queue EVER and i thought that my hey days of dancing had me ready for the art of queuing but not this time...... the line was outrageous!!!!!!!! anyway i finally made it into the high school gymnasium where i was met by the L-O-U-D-E-S-T noise.....the football team were busy doing their thing!!!!!! the cheerleaders were tumbling and jumping all over the place and the rest of the students were warming up for their was one of those moments where i forgot myself and believed that i was in an episode of GLEE!!!!!!!
it was such an incredible experience!!!!!!! i'v always wondered at the perfect american smile...something american kids must learn for their yearbook pictures but now i realized that when it comes to cheering and team spirit the americans have mastered this ART....
i am happy to report that i survived the night although i did miss a couple of heartbeats when the cheerleaders were in is true, the movies don't lie....cheerleaders really can fly!!!!!! i couldn't believe how high they are thrown up into the air and without trampolines and how brave they are when they come down without safety nets....

(-: Rhoda :-)

Thursday, October 18, 2012

cute rodents!!!!!!!!!!

you don't have to go as far as asking a tourist if stockholm is a beautiful city....any Stockholmare (person born and or living in Stockholm) will pride themselves in the city's beauty!!!!! the water, the greenery, the historical really is a walkers city!!!!!! but it is not only people who enjoy the sights of stockholm, the brown rat (Rattons norvegicus) thrives in this magnificent city, finding lots of refuse to live is a generous city and the rats have plenty of food to keep them happy!!!!!!! 
But then rodents can also be super cute, in Palo Alto the parks and gardens are filled with playful squirrels climbing up and down trees, running across the roofs of houses and happily crossing your path  on walks in the first you smile when you see the first squirrel and then you realize that you are outnumbered...they have found a little community where they thrive!!!!!!!
while big cities around the world remain a breeding ground for the is reassuring to know that the rodent you will most probably meet is the cute squirrel and not the rat....unless you are taking the subway late at night and happen to see a passing scavenger!!!!!!
the good news is that they prefer your rubbish to you!!!!!!!
two glasses of water for a cleaner, greener city!!!!!!!

(-: Rhoda :-)

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

life up in the air

there is something to be said about waking up in the morning and looking forward to your next stop....flying is one of those things you either like or hate....i find the whole experience quite fun!!!!!!!
waking up can be H-A-R-D especially in the winter when you just don't want to leave your front door in the just feels all wrong...the streets are dark and quiet and the only life out there are the roadworks which in stockholm never seem to end....probably a good reason to always have a roadmap available to you because you might wake up and be surprised to see that somewhere between the time you fell asleep and woke up, the road you remembered has changed.....
the fun begins when they call your flight for boarding...if you enjoy fashion, my suggestion is try and be one of the first to board, this will guarantee you place in the overhead bins for your hand luggage.... this has become a problem people seem to want and need absolutely everything on board these days so hurry on if you like your belongings in close reach, nothing like walking a couple of rows up or down to pull out your toothbrush or chewing gum....then sit and enjoy the free catwalk!!!!!...all designers are welcome here, even the less known who enjoy to sew their own clothes...this is truly a smörgåsbord of fashion, perfumes, hair styles, luggage and accessories, this global mix of fashion and culture is a wonderful way to begin your trip.
next is the big question????? who will sit beside me????? then your wish list will begin after all it isn't everyday that you get the opportunity to talk to a perfect stranger whom you will most probably never see again in your life...this is the once in a lifetime chance to strike up a conversation with no strings attached.......WOW!!!!!! so you watch as each person walks by and cross your fingers until someone either says excuse me or just simply sits beside the real test starts....if they have had a heavy night drinking (and) smoking or have eaten lots of delicious food which will leave them very gassy for the flight...or are long overdue for their cleaning appointment at the dentist or forget how much they have already perfumed will not be smiling!!!!!!!!!! HOWEVER this might be your lucky day and your fingers might have come through for you, if so then you'll be smiling all the way until you land...
now the food comes round and you wonder, how is it possible???? the only portions this size you find on the ground are in baby jars and we know that THAT is not enough to satisfy ones appetite.... if altitude diminishes our hunger then could that be the next new thing?????
some of us are camels but for those of us who need to use the facilities on board, getting there first is always nice!!!!!! then it all spirals downwards, i'v never understood why people can't clean up after themselves, figuring out what to do when you walk into a dirty toilet is always a dilemma, you know that there will be a person in line after you BUT you don't really want to clean up someone else's mess especially without the right equipment (gloves etc....) what do you do????? then the loo paper is another cause for puzzlement...looking at the state of the toilet, why isn't the loo paper positioned in a safer place....i am sure that like the peanuts in pubs the loo paper on planes has lots of stories to tell....
i suppose the altitude makes us forget our needs up in the air, we manage to fit in teeny tiny toilets, changing diapers etc...we feel full after eating two or three spoonfuls and manage to totally forget our taste in culture and arts as we watch movies we'd otherwise never see and even laugh at hilarious scenes we'd find obnoxious and silly on the ground.....
happy flying!!!!!!!

(-: Rhoda :-)

Monday, October 15, 2012

detox part 2

perfect day for it....rain outside and serenity inside!!!!!!!
this time i came prepared, i had a filling breakfast of porridge with psyllium BIG MISTAKE!!!!!!
the whole point of the lymph drainage massage is to get you going and well i had already taken care of was painful but expected, my surprise came later when i was introduced to the detox spa ...
nothing could have prepared me for first it all seemed quite sit down, put your feet in a warm bath....but my feet were not alone, there was a gadget of sorts in there....detox one hand i was drinking red blueberry tea very not me...i only drink good old black coffee and tea, no fancy named nice smelling teas...except jasmine tea if it looks like a flower...and in the other hand i was busy feeding myself the absolute yummiest fish soup EVER!!!!!!! there is this wonderful soup restaurant in stockholm that just serves soup soup soup and more soup and the best part is they do take away yeah!!!!!!!! first it was all fine until the colour of the water started to was disgusting!!!!!!!! absolutely revolting!!!!!!! by the end of it the tea, soup and water all looked the same to me....but the good news is that there was NO smell....that would have been i don't know....can't even imagine my embarrassment if my feet started smelling up the room...
however i know one thing for sure time someone takes off their shoes and i smell cheese i will think....leave them alone they are simply detoxing!!!!!!!!
"happy happy happy feet"

(-: Rhoda :-)

Sunday, October 14, 2012

left or right

some people are amazing you can drop them anywhere and they will find their way home....but then some of us just don't have it...navigational skills must be one of the most sought out of gifts available to mankind....i know i know ....we have smart phones and they can lead us...but in order to be led you still need to have some sense of where you are and where you want to end up....
i was very happy when i managed to set up an appointment with the optician for a time that was just perfectly suited, i did find it odd that she kept insisting that the last appointment there was in 2009 and that they had no record of any prescription for this year blah blah blah!!!!!! anyway in the end, i said it really didn't matter what the computer said, i would take the appointment....WELL!!!!!!! did i feel foolish when i walked into the opticians looked around and thought hmmmmmmmmmmm is it me or does this place look different??? my daughter didn't need to make me feel even more foolish and so i walked up to the counter acted a bit shy and apologized for my mistake but said that i was happy to take the appointment as i was sure that they could do the job...
while my daughter had her eyes checked, i managed to sit under the hand sanitizer which automatically spurts out so i guess that was my punishment for being stubborn!!!!!!
never mind!!!!! we had a happy happy happy optician and in the end, it was all a bit of fun!!!!! but in the future before i make appointments i should probably listen to the person on the other side of the line......

(-: Rhoda :-)

Saturday, October 13, 2012


there is something to be said about nice people and then once in a while you just happen to walk past a seriously grumpy person and if you listen to them....they will try and spoil your day!!!!!!!!
talk about girls in shock....happy girls, all dressed up for a costume party and then who has to rock up but the grumpy old man with his dog....
-you are trash, don't you know where you are, get out!!!!!!!!
what what what????
double take, shock horror!!!!!!! what just happened here....
costume parties always call for imaginative creations and how can you not smile at people when you walk past them and you!!!!!! they are going to have such a fun evening!!!!!!
oh well!!!!!! nothing to be done with the grumps but now the girls will forever have a story to tell!!!!!!!

(-: Rhoda :-)

autumn sun

Well i guess that is it....i am finally respecting my TEMPLE and the gates have come up....
last night i was happy happy happy going out to dinner with an old friend....the menu made me temporarily forget my course to a healthy me and yes i just lost it....had a starter, main meal and dessert....and did i ever pay the price!!!!!!!!! oh well now i know....i am on a path and i just have to respect my body and eat in moderation.......
ok enough food food food!!!!!!!
it's saturday also a pretty wow day!!!!!! the sun is shining!!!!!! what more do you need on an autumn day...the parks will be filled with people taking long walks enjoying the sun as it hits just the right spot...nothing like a bit of vitamin D to get us all happy!!!!!!
so yes i better join the rest of stockholm and enjoy the sunshine!!!!!!!
i just hope i manage to dodge the dog poop on my walk...i just don't get it, this is such a clean city but for some reason picking up dog poop seems to escape some....i mean imagine the poor dog, it can't be fun for them to poop on a cold hard sidewalk instead of the nice outdoorsies with mushy nice smelling nature all around, a place where they can naturally dig and hide their poop unlike the boring city how can we help these dog owners who love to walk their dogs but ignore the simple plastic in hand scoop up the poop....
the only people i can think of to solve this problem are the efficient parking ticket can't park illegally or without paying and get away with it...nope they will ticket why not fine the dog owners who happily walk past their dog poop...after all who wants to slide in dog poop and once the ice hits our sidewalks ice skating in dog poop NOT fun!!!!!!!
happy walking!!!!!!!

(-: Rhoda :-)

Friday, October 12, 2012

happy contagious!!!!!!!!

what a day so far....
actually worked out today and followed the good path with a smoothie from blueberry...
i have no idea what most of the ingredients in the smoothie were but it feels good to drink something that is good for you, in my case the trick is not to look at the colour of the smoothie but to enjoy its wholesomeness....nothing like a good cleanse before a yum dinner accompanied by a nice glass of wine!!!!!!!
anyway....there i was in my little world trying to find some healthy porridge...something i don't particularly enjoy kind of reminds me of baby food....but but but....i am on a journey and i'd like to start the day on a high!!!!!! healthy and happy plumbing!!!!!!!.....finding stuff in a health food store isn't always as easy as a normal supermarket where years of branding ingrained in our brains makes us almost shop on auto-pilot....the eye just knows where to look and the hand automatically picks.....but in a health food store, you want to seem like you care, so you busy yourself reading all the labels and in my case i sometimes wish i had a health guru translating some of the stuff to me....but eventually once i walk out of the store.....i almost feel like taking a walk with my bio-organic shopping bag and all its healthy contents....i want to savour this moment because it makes me feel like i care about my body my health!!!!!! well at least for that particular moment!!!!!!!.......
i don't know what was up with Systembolaget today but everyone working there today was particularly cheerful!!!!!! as i walked in, this very nice young man offered me a shopping basket and commented on my nice looking smoothie...i told him that i was drinking it because i wanted to be slim like him haha!!!!!! then the lady at the cashier was super cheerful as we discussed some poster on the wall...i think it is some app you can go into and figure out how much alcohol you have consumed and then the highlight of my day...was when this lady tried to steal my cab and the cab driver wouldn't give into her ranting and was quite funny!!!!!! anyway he was happy happy happy and we laughed the whole ride as he chatted away....
yes there is something to say about fridays....everyone just wants a good laugh!!!!!!!!!

(-: Rhoda :-)


..............................IT IS FRIDAY.....................
my favourite day of the week i just love fridays!!!!!! and this is the country that totally understands
the significance of friday!!!!!!
a trip to the supermarket for a packet of chips....and then a mish mash of sweets...buying sweets here can be such fun if you avoid the pre-packed hygienic candy and instead shop like you did once upon a time....scooping your selection into a bag and getting all excited for the big event....
a visit to Systembolaget (Swedish state owned alcohol monopoly) a must....and yes of course on a friday when everyone is longing to get home and you can feel the stress around lagom (just the right amount...) feeling here on a friday!!!!........
at first it might seem quite odd not to be able to buy your wine in a supermarket...but then you soon get into the groove of things....that can be quite NICE!!!!! the world has become so same same in a way that living in a city with its own tempo and ways of doing things can be very charming!!!!!! Systembolaget is not a bad place for a little hang out with a friend....the selection is pretty amazing and the best part of it is that the people working there are fantastic!!!!! they are very well informed and helpful!!!!!!! only thing missing i'd say would be a visit from a wine maker...wouldn't that be cool!!! a bit of talk about the wines, followed by wine tasting!!!!!!! perhaps some hors d'oeuvres to accompany the selection of wines....yes that would be a nice way to begin fredagsmys!!!!!!!!

one thing i do miss though is "så ska det låta" when that sing song program was on, on a friday night....i really felt the whole fredagsmys!!!!!! there is something to be said about the Swedes, i don't know what it is about them....but they all seem to be able to sing!!!!!!!!

happy fredagsmys!!!!!!
here's to my wine buddies in oz!!!!!!!! skål!!!!!!

(-: Rhoda :-)

Thursday, October 11, 2012

special relationship!!!!!!

for those of us who have a very special relationship with chocolate....can we really break up????
my love for chocolate must have started when i was a child....i have very fond memories of eating chocolate always and at any time of the day!!!!!!! still do......
so what is it about this Theobroma cacao that makes a lot of us go CRAZY!!!!!!!!
walking into a chocolate shop is such fun!!!!! the overwhelming smells that get you all excited, making your choice even harder with all the variety available in front of you....
then there are those days when you are busy filling your shopping basket at the supermarket and you just happen to grab any chocolate bar you can reach because.... you are low on sugar and then you feel really guilty when you manage to finish the bar before you get home and you know that there is a better option "real healthy full of anti-oxydent DARK chocolate out there"....but what happened in the supermarket....a temporary lapse ....a weak moment....or just plain aaaaaaaaach greed!!!!!!!! I WANT MY CHOCOLATE AND I WANT IT NOW!!!!!!!!!
well whatever it is.....fancy chocolate....healthy chocolate....good old easy peasy plain chocolate bars....the world sure wouldn't be the happy place it is without this wonderful thing called CHOCOLATE!!!!!!! yup chocolate sure manages to make a glass of red wine taste better, or reading a book a page turner...chocolate is like a friend....when you are trying to figure out what to do next....all you have to do is turn to chocolate and the rest will follow.....
i don't think i'm ready to break up with my chocolate yet!!!!!!!!!

(-: Rhoda :-)

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

recycling swedish style

Now until you have recycled in have no idea what you are missing out on....the Swedes have taken recycling to another level....
let's begin with the day to day household waste...the paper, the newspapers, the bottles, the cans not to forget the if you are lucky and live near these recycling bins you can include your daily walk en the way recycling is very COOL so if you care about your will simply look a lot cooler!!!!!!! the bins are easily marked so disposing is super easy and then if you are really into the whole culture of recycling you can continue onto your local supermarket and return the bottles and cans and earn a little "pocket money"....
the place to be is the recycling wow wow!!!!!! now that is a part of Sweden that really describes the Swede, organized and socially responsible....this is the place where everyone has the chance to do their little bit for the environment....a harmonious place where we can all come together and dispose of our rubbish in the right way......there is a container for absolutely everything there from your batteries to wood to old name it, you will find a container for it...apart from all the rubbish to throw away, you have charity bins always a plus....
for some reason, recycling takes no more than 10minutes at the most when it can take weeks to organize the load to be driven to the how is that possible!!!!!!
so why not spend a few extra minutes at this wonderful place...
perhaps we could have a toilet and a sink with soap and some nice recycled hand paper towels available to us and what about a coffee machine at our wouldn't that be a nice way
to end the visit!!!!!!!

if you are looking for happy people, you will find them at the recycling station....the people working there just love it when you ask them which container to use....yes this is one place where you will feel appreciated!!!!!!!! happy happy happy doing the right thing!!!!!!!

(-: Rhoda :-)

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

culture or shopping??

love public transport ok the truth here is that yes it can be an entertaining way to spend moments between destinations...but it sure forces you to walk walk walk!!!!!!! when not sitting sitting sitting!!!!!!
not to make fun of american tourists but sometimes you do come across real "classics" back to the american tourist......
-can we go to the National Historical Museum
yes sure, the answer from the rest of the group....
-i just want us to go to the gift shop
-what other museums have good gift shops?
The Museum of Modern Art
-but i don't want to walk in the rain
well this was a first for me...i guess the Museums would be happy happy happy to know their gift shops are a tourist attraction!!!!!!
public transport is a wonderful way to keep you smiling!!!!!!!
people sure can be funny funny funny!!!!!!

(-: Rhoda :-)


woke up this morning and it was dark....well there are two ways to deal with the darkness embrace it or be miserable until it gets lighter again which in this part of the world will be a looooooooooooong nothing to do but go shopping for candles....more is good can never have enough candles....fat ones...skinny ones....long ones.....round ones...etc....the beauty about the candle industry is that like fashion there is no stopping their designs...they just keep coming up with more and more and candles is so relaxing and somehow it can make you believe that you are somewhere else....the mood in the room changes and suddenly the darkness outside no longer reminds you of the bitter cold days that lie ahead but instead your immediate surroundings is transformed into a magical place of lightness!!!!!!!

(-: Rhoda :-)

addicted much

can't believe i finished watching the first season of SUITS in 24 hrs ok exaggerating much here....but what is the secret? what makes a series so addictive? is it the characters/ the plot? all i know is that i can't wait to watch the second season....only thing is i need to buy the DVD i know that streaming seems to be the thing these days.....but i like to keep it easy peasy....a bit old fashioned maybe or perhaps still getting into the comfort zone of technology??????
the characters in that show aren't half bad to look at either....what is the secret?? healthy eating and working out.....AAAAAAAAAAaaaaaah yes!!!!!!!
age should not be a stopper here....yogis always amaze me....that is really where you see the secret to "youth"....

(-: Rhoda :-)

wonderful sleep

well well well....who would have ever thought that a visit to the plumber would result in a wonderful sleep!!!!!!! i feel terrific after my painful massage now i know how our pipes in our home feel after the plumber has been round for a visit and de-clogged all the "gunk"....what's next water water water...healthy eating...working out....walking walking walking!!!!!!......

ps: a little tip..a teaspoon of pure coconut oil a day will work wonders for "the plumbing"!!!!!!!! not to confuse with the coconut oil you can put in your hair haha!!!!!!!

(-: Rhoda :-)

Monday, October 8, 2012


everyone talks about it and there is no shortage of methods out this morning i thought...let me try something new and exciting!!!!!! so off i went to a beauty clinic/spa whatever....anyway OMG!!!!! shocker i am dehydrated and have the metabolism of a 60yr old....OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!! however there are advantages to shocking my case it gets my ass off the ground and into active i had my first ever detox massage "PAIN!!!!!!!" ....haven't stopped drinking water since the news and went on the longest walk today....and now after enjoying soup for lunch i am terribly excited and looking forward to my next visit and this time i will experience detoxing upstream....happy happy happy days ahead!!!!!!! who knows the next time i get tested i might be walking in the body of a 20yr old now that would be AMAZINGLY FUN!!!!!!!!!

(-: Rhoda :-)

charmers can be surprising!!!!!!!!

crossing the street an old man...perhaps homeless not sure....walks beside me and asks me for 5 kronor...i look at him as i open the door to the 7/11 where i am about to buy my subway ticket and he smiles at me follows me into the store and are so look like a hollywood actress...and i laugh to myself as he continues chatting away...telling me he was bullied as a child but that today girls have become quite aggressive....i buy my ticket and give him something and the smiling old man asks the guy behind the counter if he has any old hot response!!!!! and then he happily walks out and i think to myself...what a charming old man!!!!!!!

cab drivers can also make your day....i came across a wonderful man who spoke so passionately about his family...he had come to sweden as an immigrant although highly educated, he could only find a job as a cab driver but instead of being bitter, he was happy that his two daughters had succeeded, both highly educated now....he was happy to say goodbye to sweden and to move on with his he put it so beautifully my wife wants to live near her sisters in california and i am happy to drive cabs in the sunshine to make her happy!!!!!!! what a charming man!!!!!!!

(-: Rhoda :-)

Sunday, October 7, 2012

way 2 get the palate going.....

back to "bee" in Gothenburg.....
eating out is always lots of fun...but enjoying the read while choosing the menu can leave u both curious and can get a conversation going....come 2 think of it...."bee kök and bar" stora saluhallen, 4 sure a great place 2 go on a first date....if u have nothing 2 say talk about the menu...have a drink and ease into conversation....
and this is why i went 4 the meatballs....
"Swedish Meatballs and Perfect Mash....
This summer we employed a student chef by the name of ....He is responsible for rolling our meatballs.
We sincerely hope they will soon be rounder. As he will be rolling quite a lot of them! etc...etc...etc..."
soooooooo as u can c i had 2 give the student a chance 2 show me how well he can roll the meatballs....and how round they can 2 say i wz happy happy happy!!!!!! when i tasted my very yum rolled meatballs!!!!!!!..........

(-: Rhoda :-)

Saturday, October 6, 2012

never 2 old to learn.....

Never thought i'd do this....Facebook was a huge thing for me....but my daughter told me to stop blogging on f/b and to start a blog so here i am chatting friends daughter and my daughter set this up for me....
OMG!!!!!!! what an amazing Gothenburg with my daughter and son....who ever thought that SAT's would bring me to this super cool city....met up with an old friend and her beautiful wow wow!!!!!!! luv our hotel...when we arrived at the old post office, it wz hip happening partying people everywhere...loud music....people everywhere happy happy happy!!!!! my kids looked @ me and yes i wz a pretty cool mum last night....did feel a bit guilty....oh dear my daughter needed her sleep and the music reminded me of my hey days dancing the night away....but luckily the building is super solid and once behind closed silence....a world away from the noisy happy partying "happy hour friday lot"....
got to come back to the city....almost got knocked down by a tram....seriously lost track of where to look buses and trams everywhere coming out of nowhere....but what a beautiful city....full of people everywhere....oh yes it's not raining today!!!!!!!
enjoyed coffee at SoHo but we had a horrid person serving us...when we asked her to cut our cake in half she said.....THIS IS NOT A BUY ONE FOR TWO ESTABLISHMENT....omg!!!!!!! all i can say is what what what????? be nice and bitch about me when my back is turned!!!!!!!
but then lunch at bee was extraordinary...what wow wow!!!!!!! yup this is a city to visit....perhaps in the spring or summer next time!!!!!!

(-: Rhoda :-)