Thursday, March 21, 2013

bubbles and more bubbles!!!!!!!

girls night show!!!!!!!!
freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeezing in the cold of the night........waiting for the front doors to open..........
and then walking into the main entrance of the shopping centre.........WOW!!!!!!! there is something
to be said about walking into a department store at night when all the stores are closed....the smells
are different and the atmosphere changes...funny... although we were surrounded by women all wearing different fragrances....the place didn't have that distinct perfumery smell about it....
champagne was served as a welcoming drink accompanied by supper in a box (easy to eat and handle)....
seating was plentiful but choosing your seat is always such fun....a handbag was strategically seated on my pick....and when i asked the lady if the seat was occupied....well....what can i say some people feel entitled to seating their handbag...good news is handbags and floors, laps or chairs work perfectly i took my seat....ignoring my "happy" neighbour :-) and then the real fun began....
a roll of masking tape fell from up us all a bit of a jump....while we waited for the
the fashion show to half an hour....the same handbag ladies managed to drink 5 glasses of was amazing watching them.....glasses of champagne would materialize from under their seats.... PURE MAGIC!!!!!!
the fashion show came and went and although we enjoyed the show and especially the music which was live....our ladies next door were far more entertaining....and then the grand finale!!!!!!!
gift bags to be collected and yes our ladies managed one more glass of champagne!!!!!!
i was so busy watching six glasses of champagne disappear as fast as they appeared that i didn't even manage to finish my one glass of champagne.......
all i can say is oh what a night!!!!!!!!!!
                                                        HAPPY CHAMPAGNE!!!!!!!!

                                                                     (-: Rhoda :-)

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