Saturday, June 22, 2013

hi my name is.....

 nothing like walking into a wedding "en masse" not sure if you'r expected...meeting the bride and groom for the very first time.......and clueless as to what to expect!!!!!!!!!!
 setting spectacular!!!!!!!!
 ceremony short and sweet!!!!!!!!
 and then no time to worry about talking to anyone....the dancing was ON....and the music just went on and on and on....and everyone danced from the very start of the wedding until the very end!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!!!THE MUSIC WAS AMAZING!!!!! and the DJ happily played our group's requests....just wow!!!!!!
 forget what people wore....this was not a party where you had time to watch the fashion show...the desserts were crazy FUN!!!!!!!! it was like a carnival....dancing non-stop...everyone having such a good time...and then wherever you turned yum stuff to accessories being handed out and happily worn....nothing like dancing with a pair of "dame edna" glasses!!!!!!!
omg!!!!!!!! this wedding with the fabulous music....really needs a replay button.... dance the night away and eat all the fun stuff while dancing it all play!!!!!!!
 dance eat dance eat dance eat dance eat dance eat dance eat dance eat dance eat dance eat dance eat
oh and the bar is OPEN!!!!!!! shots/ mojitos...soft drinks....water....whatever makes you happy!!!!!!
 and yes the happy hot dog....popping up after midnight just in case you forgot how much you'd already eaten :-)
and the dancing still going on.........there is something magical in the air....when everyone can't help themselves but dance!!!!!!! the bar tender dancing while pouring your drink....the waitress/waiter dancing while serving you food....and of course the happy DJ and all the guests....enjoying the dance floor with the bride and groom....who just love to dance!!!!!!!!! really was a happy happy happy wedding!!!!!!!! ...!!!!!!!

(-: Rhoda :-)

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