Saturday, June 8, 2013

trip to remember!!!!!!

 coming in from the dumping rain....casual dinner you think...a little wine, something to eat and fun conversation....
french wine...."lovely"....
 and then you see the pots on the stove....the mixing and matching of oils doing their notice the eggs just chilling on the counter....waiting waiting....and then this appears on your plate....a little bit of magic from asia.....i don't know!!!!!! for me eggs are eggs...but these were no ordinary eggs....
 are you kidding me....who does this??????? totally impressed!!!!!!!!
 standing chatting with your friends around the stove while the dinner is simmering....somehow makes the food taste even yummier!!!!!!  your senses are automatically tuned in on high alert... eager and ready for that first taste!!!!!!
 finally!!!!!!!! Y-E-S!!!!!!!
 look who is back!!!!! apparently the first course wasn't!!!!!!!! when food is this delicious....jumping from course back to course why not!!!!!!
 and then we come back to sweden to enjoy this magnificent cheese cake!!!!!
my friend's attention to detail wow!!!!!!!
talk about a happy didn't make you any slimmer but you couldn't see your face so after a magnificent meal the person standing in front of the mirror a little bloated could have been ?

(-: Rhoda :-)

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