Monday, December 24, 2012

chance seating!!!!!!!

so what do you do when you are seated in the middle of two old men and another old man opposite.....
dinner is served....we all looked for our seat and yes i was the lucky one thrown between all these oooooold i looked around the table at all the happy smiling faces...i thought to myself why me???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
so i asked the question....well you speak french and you can talk to anyone and anyway we'v all heard the stories already.........G-R-E-A-T!!!!!!!!
well the wine served was fabulous....the food now i had to figure out the conversation....
staying positive...a smile on my face...plate in hand and so i began the meal surrounded by my old men....
before i knew it...they all started chatting away....i can't remember all the french and in english but now i know the secret!!!!!!.....old men are like teenage girls....they need lots of attention and they love to gossip and chat and chat and chat and the best part of it that when they start talking it is not a conversation that they are looking for but a story will be told...and before you know it you will find yourself stuck to your chair...longing to go for seconds but not able to find the pause button needed for your exit strategy!!!!!!!
we covered so many topics from romance to sport to travel to politics.....who would have ever thought that these old men wouldn't go back for seconds.......
the story i found most interesting was how in the 60's in australia (sydney excluded) when you went out for a 7:00pm they would start pouring your wine in coffee cups so that you could finish your bottle and the act was all looked very respectable and legal... everyone sipping their coffees when in fact they were sipping wine!!!!!!!
well the next time i am seated with the old men...i will not complain...i know now for sure that i will eat less and more importantly....they aren't half bad chatterboxes and the best part is watching them fight for attention and air is quite entertaining and funny!!!!!!

(-: Rhoda :-)

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