Sunday, December 30, 2012

who said old?????

how to act cool and not feel rejected by your years eve around the corner... countdown kind of already started and everyone in the mood to you decide to have a late dinner and keep the dinner going and going and going in the hope that by the time you leave the table you'll be good to go out....but NOOOOOOOoooooooooo all the hours sitting and chatting just don't cut it....there still seems to be an hour or two left before you can you struggle to stay awake and then you can't believe it YES you managed but then the rest of the gang aren't ready and the waiting continues and you just have to stay cool and wait and wait and wait....and then everyone arrives happy and ready to go you smile and the trip first you go to one place the music is L-O-U-D .... although it is 11pm the crowd hasn't yet arrived so you are happy to have the dance floor to yourself and not slide arm to arm with the other sweaty dancers....but then the vote is to go and check out another place and so you follow the group and once you get there....YOU FEEL OLD.....your kids walk in....other teenagers....strangers....walk up to them....the conversation begins a table is immediately  filled with your group and these have become invisible and now you have to figure out how to walk backwards without looking abandoned or awkward....never mind you manage....happy happy happy that the youngsters are having fun!!!!!!......and then you remember tomorrow.... a night when no adult will feel rejected by their kids because if the kids are around then they must want to party with their parents....or perhaps i am being happily delusional :-)

(-: Rhoda :-)

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