Thursday, February 21, 2013

life rocks!!!!!!!!

 this for sure is one of the happiest woofs i'v ever met......... and once you walk through the front door....
 you will be introduced to the radio "for woofs ears only".... a wonderful way to walk out the door and say au revoir!!!!!!! waiting for the next meeting with music playing in the background is so relaxing!!!!!!
 and then who doesn't like to be cosy.....with this hand made blankie....straight from mama's heart!!!!!!
 oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah!!!!!!!! my people are home oh yeah oh yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!! been waiting!!!!!!!
what better way to confirm that they really are my people than playing and smelling their socks yum yum sniff sniff!!!!!!!!

so what's for din about a social life....mine rocks!!!!!!!! thank god for outdoor seating at restaurants....i mean who wants to be left home alone....when there is life out there!!!!!!!!

                   yup a dog's life can be pretty amazing.....woof woof i love my family!!!!!!!!!

                             (-: Rhoda :-)

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