Saturday, February 2, 2013

stockholm stockholm stockholm!!!!!!!!

the changes!!!!!
 there was a time when you could pick up the phone or walk into a restaurant in the winter and happily get a table..........but times have changed!!!!!!!!
 whatever happened to the hibernating swedes in the winter.....a thing of the past!!!!!!!!!! today whatever the weather conditions.....if you try and be spontaneous and last WILL NOT GET A TABLE!!!!!!!!!!
stockholm has become a hip happening, cosmopolitan, party happy city!!!!!!!!! swedes love to go out and the city buzzes with life on the weekends especially!!!!!!!!!!

     and the beauty about this city and its fabulous restaurants is that they wont disappoint!!!!!!!

so last night.......forgetting what a cool city we all live in....we found ourselves.....without a booking....
and instead....on very very short notice.....had a home cooked meal et voilà!!!!!!!
it was fabulous!!!!!!!!!! i have already blogged about one of my maestro chef friends and here is the other....some people were just born to throw food together and create masterpieces!!!!!!!!!!

                                                   with laughter and happiness!!!!!!!!!

                                                                  (-: Rhoda :-)

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