Wednesday, April 3, 2013


so there i was feeling very proud of myself having saved two large sized suitcases full of my babies clothes.........lots of memories........lots and lots and lots!!!!!!!
as i opened the luggage every piece of clothing brought with it my mind wandered i found myself in different places surrounded by different people and sceneries and my babies were front of me in all their different outfits....being babies....i even found a few items that belonged to me as a baby....
the bags were full of clothes, blankets, towels omg the baby ones with hoodies sooooooo cute!!!!!!!, shoes, book of names....pampers, etc...etc...etc....omg!!!!!! the memories....funny how you just remember, the clothes they wore on the day you brought them home from the hospital AMAZING!!!!!!!
anyway!!!!!! next step, after the excitement, my nose took over and i decided to give the clothes a good wash before repacking them for my grandchildren one day or at least for the sake of nice memories!!!!!
was i in for a home, every room in my home was engulfed in the smell of musty was horrid....i opened all the windows, freezing was not an option!!!!!!!!
lit candles the smelly ones as well as the non-smelly ones....and as i patiently waited for the washing machine and dryer to do their thing....i walked around my home sniffing away hoping that the windows would help move the smell out into the cold!!!!!!!
the kids were great!!!!!!! they were surprised that i had kept all this stuff and they had fun looking at each piece of clothing....lots of soooooooo cute!!!!!!!! and we made a little party of the whole thing....kind of like a going away party!!!!!!! the clothes were admired and appreciated and then the kids told me it was ok to say goodbye!!!!!!!
everything was moldy and couldn't be saved.....and i had to accept that the time had come to say adieu!!!!!
next newspaper "pure magic"....i put sheets of the stuff in my laundry machines allowing the newspaper to absorb any yucky smells and tarrrrrrrra!!!!!!! smell all gone....
home smelling as it should and my moment of nostalgia placed carefully in big bags destination bye bye!!!!!!!

                                                             (-: Rhoda :-)

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