Sunday, April 7, 2013

good morning!!!!!!!

day 2 of my diet:
black coffee and one slice of bread for breakfast (i chose knäckerbröd instead ) good old wasa with all their years of experience bringing knäckerbröd to the table, they never disappoint!!!!!!
woke up especially early this morning.....nothing like a relaxing wake up.....
freshly brewed coffee in bed plus the knäck...looking pretty boring without any spreads or toppings....probably why one is must be all the yum stuff on top which makes us greedy for more and more and more!!!!!!! so why not pretend the knäckerbröd is actually a knäck....let the imagination tease your senses.....
my pillow on my lap in an effort to protect me from whatever energy my laptop is transmitting......
and a quick look at facebook, always good to be reminded of your friends birthdays....and you never know what interesting postings you might find.......
well today....i was happily surprised!!!!!!!
and i would like to share a posting here.....what a wonderful read....and it totally managed to take my mind off FOOD!!!!!!! great now i will make it to lunch and follow the next set menu :-)
so if you are looking for the next book for your book club or simply enjoy a good read and have a hair's the book for you:
"Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie"
and to put you in the mood....
"Love in the time of cornrows: Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie on her new novel" The telegraph
good morning!!!!!!!

(-: Rhoda:-)

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  1. Uhum, coffee and knäcke for breakfast. Doesn't sound too inspiring. Why not have veggies and/or scrambled eggs for instance? I'm NOT into lchf, but I suggest you try cutting down on the carbs for a while.
    Don't forget drinking water!

    I've been in "the weightloss circus" for some time now, and finally I realised that I eat too little sometimes. Other times I eat too much because I'm bored. Or depressed. Or stressed.