Monday, April 15, 2013

mum today mum tomorrow!!!!!!!

we all remember that BIG DAY!!!!!!!
when we no longer call up another mum and organize a play date for our kids because they are NOW old enough to organize their own social calendar....
so why is it?????????? that when we meet interesting people, we can't help ourselves but what a fascinating/interesting person.......i just know that my kid would love to meet this person.....and so the mum in us kicks in and before we know it......yup we'v done it again......must be the mum thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

none of us are in a hurry, running the race at high speed to grow old....but once we get there....we might as well be happy!!!!!!! being happy and constantly growing what a fun way to live life!!!!!!!

                                                                (-: Rhoda :-)

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