Sunday, April 7, 2013

finding the sun!!!!!

april must be the month when we just decide enough is enough!!!!!!!!
no more winter jackets......
i keep walking past people on the street who have obviously adopted this attitude!!!!!!!
come sunshine or wind...they are determined to bring on the warm spring weather....
so i thought i'd be brave and join the rest of the happy spring feeling pedestrians on the streets....
and was i in for a shock!!!!!!! i couldn't feel a thing by the time i reached my destination, my
nose was frozen, my fingers couldn't grip a thing and as for my toes they weren't feeling very
on the upside....i felt like i was playing hopscotch as i walked the streets hopping from one spot
to another finding the sunny side!!!!!!
what better way to beat the cold than turn it into a game, look silly on the street but have fun
at the same time!!!!!!!
like the happy spring dressed people on the streets i too want warm weather but i'll keep my
warm coat on a bit longer....after all one of the nicest feelings is sitting out in the snow on a sunny
or maybe i'm just not twenty anymore haha!!!!!!!

(-: Rhoda :-)

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