Thursday, May 2, 2013

believe in love!!!!!!!

so i get this voice message, where are you??? i have a parcel for you....
so i call up the courier service and speak to a lady....who asks me for the tracking number?????
tracking number....none was left on the voice message...aaaaaaaaaah then i can't help!!!!!!
so i call back and get a man this time....same question....same answer....he finally tracks it down and says....your parcel will be delivered!!!!!!
so i call back A third time....this time the tears are running down my cheeks and i can't speak without sounding like a very tired hormonal woman....between sobs and very poor grammar....a very nice young man tries to keep me calm....putting me on hold and coming back to make sure i'm still there....and yeah oh yeah!!!!!!!!!! some people just understand the meaning of LOVE!!!!!!!
he finally tracked my parcel....and it was delivered in no less than five minutes .....and just in case there was any doubt ....he called me back to make sure that i had received my parcel!!!!!!!
what can i say but never give may take a while to get the right person on the line.....but when you come across a service minded person WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
my day just wouldn't have been the same had i not crossed lines with a wonderful young caring customer care man named alex!!!!!!!
so to all the alex's out there who enjoy their jobs and understand how much they do for us by being nice, patient, helpful and understanding.................
                                                                   THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!
                                                                         (-: Rhoda :-)

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