Wednesday, May 1, 2013


celebrating your friends birthday is such fun!!!!!!!!! and when they decide to put on a PARTY!!!!!!!! yeah!!!!!!!
valborg is a real treat in might rain, but everyone is in a good mood and ready to welcome "spring".....annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd now we know it's not long till summer!!!!!!!
anyway back to celebrating i got into a cab all ready for a fabulous night out....and as i was sitting....thinking/not thinking....i asked the young man to put up the music....and he turned on some loud music station....and i asked??? why did you change the channel??????
that was turkish music....and i said...could you please put it back on, so he looked at me in his rear view mirror changed the channel....and suddenly asked me what kind of music i liked....which wasn't an easy question, i never remember the names of songs or artists and i kind of like this and that and that and this.....
when i got to the party!!!!!!!! i thanked him for the music!!!!!!! and enjoyed a wonderful night  celebrating my friend and her husband!!!!!!!
a night full of happy conversation, delicious finger food and champagne....a perfect evening and dance of course!!!!!!!!
                                                life just wouldn't be the same without friends.
                                                                          (-: Rhoda :-)

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