Sunday, May 19, 2013

hakuna ya ku pembeleza

no painkillers, no laughing gas, no epidurals.....
1971 high noon sun....
beautiful countryside, no roads in sight, knee high maize fields, banana trees, pregnant woman tilling the field...
suddenly....a sharp pain...and out pops baby happy....her mum still holding the beans she was harvesting...
holding her baby....she calls out to her husband....who gets a neighbour to come and cut the umbilical cord with a wembe (razor blade)...
walking home....the duties of daily life go on....and two weeks later, she is back in the field working the land....surrounded by the sounds of chickens, cows and times have changed!!!!!!!!
hakuna ya ku pembeleza (no pampering )....

(-: Rhoda :-)

1 comment:

  1. Lamaze classes- check
    Baby bag- check
    Hospital room- check
    Mani & pedi- check
    Hair done-check

    waters break- panic, contractions coming, panic
    call 911
    wheeled into labour ward
    Epidural- check
    ice- check
    husband/partner- check
    screaming- check
    backrubs- check
    standby staff- check

    welcome baby

    breastfeeding consultant- check
    nutritionist- check
    hospital stay- 3 - 5 days- check

    welcome home


    State House Comptroller ( aka mother)- check
    Chief of Staff ( aka Maid)- Check
    Executive Chef (aka Cook)-Check
    Cabinet Secretary of ICT (aka TV, DSTV, Music, baby white noise machine, I-pad, computer etc)- Check
    Chief of transport (aka Driver) - Check
    Cabinet secretary of treasury (aka- Hubby/Partner/ATM cards)-Check
    Cabinet secretary of Health ( aka Doctors, pediatrician, Pharmacy)-Check

    yani nani ana pembelezwa? Digital ama analogue?