Wednesday, November 14, 2012


relationships are like bread...they come in all shapes and forms....and it all begins with the mixing of the ingredients and then the final product can be............???
back to swedes only because they make things so clear....there is a name for everything....
for instance.... if you talk about your grandparents you will clarify whether you are talking about your maternal or paternal set of grandparents....and the same goes for your relationship status....
here are some examples:
1. gift (married)
2. sambo (cohabitation)
3. särbo (in a relationship but living separately)
4. delsbo (couples who live together sometimes)
5. gråbo (older couple who have moved in together)
6. närbo (in a relationship but living close to each other)
           and then this....
5. mambo ( still living at home with mama until you find a place to stay)
6. gambo (living at home with your mama or grandparents)
7. villbo (couples who want to live together but can't...)
8. cybo (relationship in cyberspace)
and if you really want to go into further detail.....
(a) lambo (lame)
(b) limbo (sticky glue)
(c) rimbo (2 poets living together)
(d) högbo (a couple who is very into each other)
and the list goes on and on and on.........
the beauty about the swedish language is that it is clear and to the mincing words the country of "lagom" just will never wonder about the status or the nature of your relationship because you will find the answer in one word....very clear and to the point!!!!!!!! nothing confusing here!!!!!!!!

it's all about finding your mix and mixing away!!!!!!!!!

(-: Rhoda :-)

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