Tuesday, November 6, 2012

nice welcome!!!!!!

stockholm i mitt hjärta!!!!!!
(stockholm in my heart...)
or should i say " taxi stockholm in my heart....."
there is nothing more welcoming in a city...than landing at the airport and entering a CLEAN taxi....
so i had the most wonderful drive, with a very interesting, chatty cab driver....who took me on a journey of swedish history....this chapter began at steninge palace...the taxi driver with his orator skills had me in suspense as i followed axel von fersen's life, from his love affair with queen marie antoinette of france to his lynching in 1810 for a murder he did not commit....funny you never really associate lynchings with sweden?? but then human history all over the world is really all about human behaviour!!!!!
anyway....as i reached my destination...i thought to myself....
there are so many taxi drivers out there with a lot of interesting knowledge....wouldn't it be great if this could be reflected when booking a cab....especially for those of us who love a good chat!!!!!!!

(-: Rhoda :-)

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