Tuesday, November 20, 2012

twist of spice!!!!!!!

this morning as i was reading through f/b i saw a post my friend put up....
-bought a turkey....don't want to look at it....
and posted a recipe...
indian style roast turkey
which you can find on www.ifood.tv

my friends words took me back to a time and place when i became a mother....
all i know is that once i had a baby i just couldn't look at a whole chicken again, just lifting the
chicken and having to deal with it....it was to difficult...even to this day, i will buy chicken fillets or drumsticks but a whole chicken....still makes me think of a baby!!!!!!! just can't cook it....

anyway, back to the kitchen and turning meals into multicultural feasts!!!!!!!

aromas from the east
to the thanksgiving table i come

turkey vindaloo and
gravy madras in my tum

flavours and fragrances filling the spaces
making any home
a melting of places

giving thanks is common to all cultures

happy thanksgiving
with a twist and dance of spice!!!!!!

(-: Rhoda :-)

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