Sunday, November 11, 2012

the way we feel!!!!!!!!!

 when you go out for a meal....presentation matters....whether it is fine dining or eating on the always tastes better when it looks good on a plate...
now what happens in the kitchens of restaurants can be a real mystery....unless you find yourself sitting at a restaurant with the chefs in full view, busy busy busy!!!!!!
so a visit to the facilities...can tell you a lot....
people do seem in a hurry and forget to lock!!!!!
 now floors can be can you tell if the floor is clean when this is what you are looking at.....
 but then if anyone should experiment...then why not restaurants....what effect does green have on you after a couple of drinks and a very rich meal!!!!!! ???????
hence the very clever floor!!!!!!
 but then other establishments go for the more classical, elegant calming you know that the establishment takes their cleaning and presentation very seriously...
they even have art on the walls to keep you entertained!!!!!
and why not adopt a good idea for those of us who can say it all with one expression!!!!!
restaurants...public facilities....public transport....airlines....etc....quick and easy!!!!!!
oh yes and tidy should apply to all!!!!!!!

(-: Rhoda :-)

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