Tuesday, November 27, 2012

mince not my fish!!!!!!!!!!

after my workout today i felt pretty good about myself....i even ignored the rain to buy myself a yummy healthy nutty something??? smoothie when my daughter called me up and said....you have to loose weight now.....and i said i know i know i will....she said NO MUM listen....in biology we just learned that for every day that you are 5kgs overweight you loose 1/2 hr of your life....shall i do the math for you....well that killed it for me....so i went to the fish counter looked at all the fish and told the nice man serving me...that as i can only successfully cook lax...

could he please sell me any fish as long as it doesn't turn into mince once i'm done cooking it....so let's see if i succeed and i guess hello fish goodbye 1/2 hr off my life for the next?????? years!!!!!!!
(-: Rhoda :-)


  1. Don't panic, keep eating chocolate. The loss of ½ hour every day adds up to 1½ months in 40 years.

    1. that reminds me....i'm out of chocolate!!!!!!!!

  2. Rhoda, simplest fish ever - get fresh white fillets that haven't been frozen - that is the important part, it's the freezing that turns fish to mush. Here we'd use flathead or bream. Then cut your veges into strips 2" long, carrot, asparagus, snowpeads, capsicum is what I use. Put them in the bottom of a nonstick frypan, lay the fish on top, squeeze a lemon over it, maybe a little parsley, cracked pepper or something and put the lid on. Simmer for just a couple of minutes - if the fillets are thin then as soon as they're properly opaque they're done, and the veges should still be al dente. Dinner in under 10 minutes!!! Okay, 15 if you do some rice to go with, but that would blow the diet :-)

  3. 2 the fish market i go full of recipes 4 change!!!!!!!!