Thursday, January 24, 2013

slip slide!!!!!!!!

it is always fun to ask the question HOW??? when you meet someone who has a fun job.....
so this morning i enjoyed a conversation with a man who spends his days fixing chimneys and shoveling snow off roofs of buildings....just my luck!!!!!!!!
so i asked the question...isn't it slippery up there and how don't you fall????
answer- it is very slippery and it gets icy
(so what they do is attach themselves with a harness and slide down the roofs on their bums....)
fun i thought....but what if you slide off the roof....
answer- this guy did slide off but he managed to kick his way through a window into an apartment
imagine sitting there reading your book minding your own business, or walking out the shower....and you have a man james bond style...kicking his way, glass smashing everywhere, into your apartment....
(or else you just have to wait for the fire brigade to come to the rescue....)...
fun day at work!!!!!! sliding on your bum!!!!!!

(:-Rhoda :-)

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