Thursday, January 10, 2013

still reading!!!!!!!

unexpected to a little get together....nice nibbles and drinks....teenagers all decided to come for the ride....YEAH!!!!!!!! just love it when the kids think it's fun to hang out with their mum and her there we are walking around chat here chat there....and then suddenly i realize that i am standing with all the kids in the company of a very interested woman (a teacher) and we are discussing books books books....the kids totally dominate this conversation....and suddenly we are deep in our own world surrounded by literature and the authors whose words have captured us.....

it is so interesting to see how wide the doors into the literary world have opened since i was in school....
and the best part of that now the kids can come up with suggestions the next time i walk into a bookstore!!!!!! discussing literature with the wow wow!!!!!!! i didn't see this day least not yet!!!!!!! super yeah!!!!!!!

-life of pi
Yann Martel
-kiss of the spider woman
Manuel Puig
-the woman who walked into doors
Roddy Doyle

(-: Rhoda :-)

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