Sunday, January 20, 2013

walking, talking, eating!!!!!!!!!


 brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.......bracing against the cold.......walking walking walking.....taking in the crisp fresh air.....soooooooooooo cold....fingers frozen and face about to shatter into a million small porcelain pieces.
                     jeans still working in minus degrees.....fighting to keep the legs a walking!!!!!!!!!
          although freezing and struggling to reach "the destination".....what beautiful sightseeing!!!!!!!!!
                        winter is not a bad thing....if you are surrounded with such beauty!!!!!!!!!
 ok enough NOW food!!!!!!! the one thing you need in the coooooooooooooooooooold is a warm meal...... and swedish meatballs hits that spot.....and before you know will forget about your frozen fingers and slowly defrost.....
 just walking into the restaurant and feeling your blood come such an amazing feeling!!!!!!!!
                                                        wonderful lingonberries!!!!!!!!
what a wonderful day!!!!!!!!!
lunch at hotel skeppsholmen
(for a swedish feeling and beautiful surroundings highly recommended)
-it was like a winter wonderland....and being in an art gallery!!!!!!!
drinks at hotel diplomat
(nice way to begin a saturday night out on the town....)
and finally omg!!!!!!!! dinner at italiano papa
did we discover an amazing restaurant last night....thanks to a fabulous friend who made the booking for us.....
omg omg omg!!!!!!!!!
the service was terrific!!!!!!! walking in from the coooooooooooold you felt like you were entering a bar in new york!!!!!!!.....great food....and with the music and the ambiance of the place....we felt like we were in a club rather than a restaurant...a total hit!!!!!!! a restaurant you don't want to leave after your meal....let the conversation continue until the early hours of the morning!!!!!!!

(-:Rhoda :-)

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