Saturday, January 26, 2013

smoke free!!!!!!!!

                                                                   swedish snus!!!!
remember the days when if you weren't a smoker you'd pant your way through parties and rush into the shower once you got home....and omg!!!!!!! your poor clothes would need a good wash and airing!!!!!!!!!!BUT then there is snus....a healthier option for the secondary smoker but still a health risk for the last night i was sitting chatting with three ladies when they all took out their snus and stuck one up their lip and i thought lucky me!!!!!!!! they could have all lit up and i'd be sitting indoors in - degrees eyes beginning to throat starting to itch etc...etc..etc....but instead i was happy happy happy!!!!!!! enjoying a fun night out....chatting away and not being a secondary smoker YEAH!!!!!!!!!!
so instead of worrying about the smell of the smoke....i was fascinated by the different packaging....and thought three different what does their choice of snus say about them....i can tell you one thing....i was surprised to see who was snusing what???? go figure looks can be deceiving!!!!!!!! no wonder matching couples at parties can be fun but quite tricky!!!!!!!!!
*pill packet, coffee pod or diaphragm???? or am i just OLD!!!!!!!!!

(-: Rhoda :-)

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