Wednesday, October 31, 2012


 first halloween ever!!!!!!!
totally WOW!!!!!!
even got complimented on my costume!!!!!!!
omg!!!!!! what fun hearing that doorbell ring..... i was so excited that when the first dad rocked up with his kid....i couldn't help jumping up and down with my bowl of sweets and....the teenager i was with had to tell the dad that it was my first halloween ever!!!!! the little 4 or something year old couldn't stop staring at me horrified!!!!!!
then a group of young girls came to the door and i said happy valentines day!!!!!
and they looked at each other as they walked away and said....she said happy valentines day....
when i turned around and walked back into the house....everyone around me made me practice saying...
and who would have thought that there were rules to giving out these young boys asked me how many sweets they could have and i said as many as you want.....and once again when i turned around and walked back into the house ....i was told off!!!!!!!!
apparently there are rules!!!!! and the doorbell rings for a couple of hours so you can't be left with an empty bowl!!!!!!!
honestly can't i just not open the door once the candy is gone .....and go back to my dinner!!!!!!
 but then some kids make it more these two teenagers walked holding a bag with her name on it....and the other had two bags one for romney and the other for obama....
so with a big smile ....she said....i think you should vote for me!!!!!!!
the young ambitious girl got the candy!!!!!!
happy halloween!!!!!!!

(-: Rhoda :-)

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