Monday, October 15, 2012

detox part 2

perfect day for it....rain outside and serenity inside!!!!!!!
this time i came prepared, i had a filling breakfast of porridge with psyllium BIG MISTAKE!!!!!!
the whole point of the lymph drainage massage is to get you going and well i had already taken care of was painful but expected, my surprise came later when i was introduced to the detox spa ...
nothing could have prepared me for first it all seemed quite sit down, put your feet in a warm bath....but my feet were not alone, there was a gadget of sorts in there....detox one hand i was drinking red blueberry tea very not me...i only drink good old black coffee and tea, no fancy named nice smelling teas...except jasmine tea if it looks like a flower...and in the other hand i was busy feeding myself the absolute yummiest fish soup EVER!!!!!!! there is this wonderful soup restaurant in stockholm that just serves soup soup soup and more soup and the best part is they do take away yeah!!!!!!!! first it was all fine until the colour of the water started to was disgusting!!!!!!!! absolutely revolting!!!!!!! by the end of it the tea, soup and water all looked the same to me....but the good news is that there was NO smell....that would have been i don't know....can't even imagine my embarrassment if my feet started smelling up the room...
however i know one thing for sure time someone takes off their shoes and i smell cheese i will think....leave them alone they are simply detoxing!!!!!!!!
"happy happy happy feet"

(-: Rhoda :-)

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  1. lol!!! this is so funny!! so that is where you were rushing off to yesterday!
    :) :)