Thursday, October 11, 2012

special relationship!!!!!!

for those of us who have a very special relationship with chocolate....can we really break up????
my love for chocolate must have started when i was a child....i have very fond memories of eating chocolate always and at any time of the day!!!!!!! still do......
so what is it about this Theobroma cacao that makes a lot of us go CRAZY!!!!!!!!
walking into a chocolate shop is such fun!!!!! the overwhelming smells that get you all excited, making your choice even harder with all the variety available in front of you....
then there are those days when you are busy filling your shopping basket at the supermarket and you just happen to grab any chocolate bar you can reach because.... you are low on sugar and then you feel really guilty when you manage to finish the bar before you get home and you know that there is a better option "real healthy full of anti-oxydent DARK chocolate out there"....but what happened in the supermarket....a temporary lapse ....a weak moment....or just plain aaaaaaaaach greed!!!!!!!! I WANT MY CHOCOLATE AND I WANT IT NOW!!!!!!!!!
well whatever it is.....fancy chocolate....healthy chocolate....good old easy peasy plain chocolate bars....the world sure wouldn't be the happy place it is without this wonderful thing called CHOCOLATE!!!!!!! yup chocolate sure manages to make a glass of red wine taste better, or reading a book a page turner...chocolate is like a friend....when you are trying to figure out what to do next....all you have to do is turn to chocolate and the rest will follow.....
i don't think i'm ready to break up with my chocolate yet!!!!!!!!!

(-: Rhoda :-)


  1. is this for chocolatto mulatto only ?

  2. lol!! love the blog!!! and yes I know you will always want your CHOCOLATE AND NOW!!! :)

    1. the day just isn't the same without chocolate :-)

  3. I sooooo love my chocolate... but at least its dark chocolate that is my failing .... particularly dark chocolate orange !! YUM YUM YUM :)

  4. finally understand the ups of 70% chocolate!!!!!!!