Tuesday, October 23, 2012

hair on the loose!!

now this is nothing to joke about!!!!!!!!
for those of you who are born with easy peasy, wash and go hair, the texture that simply needs a shake or the classic fingers fixing, you are all set for any day....
rain or shine, hat or wind, your hair will happily fall back into place....
yes and there are many of us out there, who run when we smell and feel the first rain drop absentmindedly leaving our coffee on the counter or even walking out in mid-conversation because we must at any cost make it into our car before our hair gets wet....this is a serious matter and let there be no traffic between the hair and the car because traffic can S-T-O-P but the hair cannot get wet...especially if the hair has just been blow-dried!!!!!! now blow-dried hair is especially sensitive, you can not touch it and if you go to sleep beside it, it might be better to look the other way....the hair must be protected at any cost but there is help out there....the sleeping net!!!!!! guaranteed to keep the hair beautifully coiffed and also guaranteed to ensure that you get a good nights sleep with no interruptions!!!!!!!
if curly is your look then you will love the humidity, hopeless for straight hair but for the curls they will bounce with moisture and shine!!!!!!!

there are so many looks out there, funky colouring, experimental hair styles, but the one thing some of us cannot control is the morning look!!!!!!! if you are one of those who does not have easy peasy shake and go hair, then be the first to wake up... unless you are happy to share the joys of having hair on the loose!!!!!!!

(-: Rhoda :-)


  1. Can i suggest a coif? or big slouchy hat like this http://cache.lionbrand.com/stores/lionbrand/thumbs/70787ada.jpg

    Both for the bed-head, and the rain protection!

    1. luv it...winter is coming up...i could go out with this....v nice!!!!!!!!! 2 nice 2 waste on sleep!!!!!!!!

  2. get a shower cap or a plastic paper bag Kenyan style and carry it in your handbag so when it rains you can put it on like Haute couture fashion :) and go about your business :)

  3. haute couture u say...shower cap in the handbag should i get a nice floral one or just plain??