Monday, October 8, 2012

charmers can be surprising!!!!!!!!

crossing the street an old man...perhaps homeless not sure....walks beside me and asks me for 5 kronor...i look at him as i open the door to the 7/11 where i am about to buy my subway ticket and he smiles at me follows me into the store and are so look like a hollywood actress...and i laugh to myself as he continues chatting away...telling me he was bullied as a child but that today girls have become quite aggressive....i buy my ticket and give him something and the smiling old man asks the guy behind the counter if he has any old hot response!!!!! and then he happily walks out and i think to myself...what a charming old man!!!!!!!

cab drivers can also make your day....i came across a wonderful man who spoke so passionately about his family...he had come to sweden as an immigrant although highly educated, he could only find a job as a cab driver but instead of being bitter, he was happy that his two daughters had succeeded, both highly educated now....he was happy to say goodbye to sweden and to move on with his he put it so beautifully my wife wants to live near her sisters in california and i am happy to drive cabs in the sunshine to make her happy!!!!!!! what a charming man!!!!!!!

(-: Rhoda :-)

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