Thursday, October 18, 2012

cute rodents!!!!!!!!!!

you don't have to go as far as asking a tourist if stockholm is a beautiful city....any Stockholmare (person born and or living in Stockholm) will pride themselves in the city's beauty!!!!! the water, the greenery, the historical really is a walkers city!!!!!! but it is not only people who enjoy the sights of stockholm, the brown rat (Rattons norvegicus) thrives in this magnificent city, finding lots of refuse to live is a generous city and the rats have plenty of food to keep them happy!!!!!!! 
But then rodents can also be super cute, in Palo Alto the parks and gardens are filled with playful squirrels climbing up and down trees, running across the roofs of houses and happily crossing your path  on walks in the first you smile when you see the first squirrel and then you realize that you are outnumbered...they have found a little community where they thrive!!!!!!!
while big cities around the world remain a breeding ground for the is reassuring to know that the rodent you will most probably meet is the cute squirrel and not the rat....unless you are taking the subway late at night and happen to see a passing scavenger!!!!!!
the good news is that they prefer your rubbish to you!!!!!!!
two glasses of water for a cleaner, greener city!!!!!!!

(-: Rhoda :-)

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