Monday, October 22, 2012

hidden farm

this was the most hidden farm i had ever walked through.....i imagined i'd be enjoying the outdoors but the steepness and the narrow hiking surprised my calf muscles....
going to the gym does wonders for your mood but it isn't until you start walking up and up a track into the hills that you really feel how much help your heart needs...

the fresh air and the open outdoors when you ignore your sore muscles is just beautiful!!!!!!!!

and then the oxygen kicks in and you just need and want to sing......
so you start on Alouette gentille alouette....a perfect marching song!!!!!!! and then when you are really feeling light on your feet you start speaking a foreign language and truly believe that you are fluent!!!!!!

happing trekking!!!!!!!

(-: Rhoda :-)


  1. Oh to be an eagle perched on high, looking down and wondering WHAT IS THAT NOISE!!!


    1. but the song of generations gone by.....did you know that the song was originally written for french canadian fur traders, to sing as they plucked away!!!!!!! it is an OLD song and was published in 1885 in a McGill songbook!!!!!! next time i sing alouette i will have to think french canadian not french french haha!!!!!!

  2. Haiya yanni you went walking in shags?? lol :) so glad you are having fun!! :)

  3. you would have loved it....sneakers and a bottle of water!!!!!!!