Saturday, October 6, 2012

never 2 old to learn.....

Never thought i'd do this....Facebook was a huge thing for me....but my daughter told me to stop blogging on f/b and to start a blog so here i am chatting friends daughter and my daughter set this up for me....
OMG!!!!!!! what an amazing Gothenburg with my daughter and son....who ever thought that SAT's would bring me to this super cool city....met up with an old friend and her beautiful wow wow!!!!!!! luv our hotel...when we arrived at the old post office, it wz hip happening partying people everywhere...loud music....people everywhere happy happy happy!!!!! my kids looked @ me and yes i wz a pretty cool mum last night....did feel a bit guilty....oh dear my daughter needed her sleep and the music reminded me of my hey days dancing the night away....but luckily the building is super solid and once behind closed silence....a world away from the noisy happy partying "happy hour friday lot"....
got to come back to the city....almost got knocked down by a tram....seriously lost track of where to look buses and trams everywhere coming out of nowhere....but what a beautiful city....full of people everywhere....oh yes it's not raining today!!!!!!!
enjoyed coffee at SoHo but we had a horrid person serving us...when we asked her to cut our cake in half she said.....THIS IS NOT A BUY ONE FOR TWO ESTABLISHMENT....omg!!!!!!! all i can say is what what what????? be nice and bitch about me when my back is turned!!!!!!!
but then lunch at bee was extraordinary...what wow wow!!!!!!! yup this is a city to visit....perhaps in the spring or summer next time!!!!!!

(-: Rhoda :-)

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