Friday, October 12, 2012


..............................IT IS FRIDAY.....................
my favourite day of the week i just love fridays!!!!!! and this is the country that totally understands
the significance of friday!!!!!!
a trip to the supermarket for a packet of chips....and then a mish mash of sweets...buying sweets here can be such fun if you avoid the pre-packed hygienic candy and instead shop like you did once upon a time....scooping your selection into a bag and getting all excited for the big event....
a visit to Systembolaget (Swedish state owned alcohol monopoly) a must....and yes of course on a friday when everyone is longing to get home and you can feel the stress around lagom (just the right amount...) feeling here on a friday!!!!........
at first it might seem quite odd not to be able to buy your wine in a supermarket...but then you soon get into the groove of things....that can be quite NICE!!!!! the world has become so same same in a way that living in a city with its own tempo and ways of doing things can be very charming!!!!!! Systembolaget is not a bad place for a little hang out with a friend....the selection is pretty amazing and the best part of it is that the people working there are fantastic!!!!! they are very well informed and helpful!!!!!!! only thing missing i'd say would be a visit from a wine maker...wouldn't that be cool!!! a bit of talk about the wines, followed by wine tasting!!!!!!! perhaps some hors d'oeuvres to accompany the selection of wines....yes that would be a nice way to begin fredagsmys!!!!!!!!

one thing i do miss though is "så ska det låta" when that sing song program was on, on a friday night....i really felt the whole fredagsmys!!!!!! there is something to be said about the Swedes, i don't know what it is about them....but they all seem to be able to sing!!!!!!!!

happy fredagsmys!!!!!!
here's to my wine buddies in oz!!!!!!!! skål!!!!!!

(-: Rhoda :-)

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