Friday, October 19, 2012

team spirit!!!!!!

walked into the post office and went to stand by one of those customer tables....there was this young man (19-21??) marking a box with prison clothes, so i thought to myself wow!!!!!! i'v seen charity for children's homes and all sorts of organizations but i'v never seen boxes marked for the prisons....
the young man then turned to me and asked me if i was standing in line and i said nope, she's all yours....
the young man
-the families have to send clothing to the jails
-i thought you wore uniforms in jail
the young man:
-it's for my younger brothers release
then this woman walked in read the marked box and the young man said
-i don't bite
the woman then walked passed him in that awkward know...THE if i can't see you, you can't see me way!!!!!!
the young man
-is my box well marked
-i'd say so, you'v covered every possible surface of the box in big black marker pen, i think it is very clear
anyway it was time for me to leave so i said
-bye and good luck!!!!!!
the young man
-thanks :-)
a few hours later, i was thrown into a very different world, the world of AIR BAND CONTEST....
all i know is that i stood in the longest queue EVER and i thought that my hey days of dancing had me ready for the art of queuing but not this time...... the line was outrageous!!!!!!!! anyway i finally made it into the high school gymnasium where i was met by the L-O-U-D-E-S-T noise.....the football team were busy doing their thing!!!!!! the cheerleaders were tumbling and jumping all over the place and the rest of the students were warming up for their was one of those moments where i forgot myself and believed that i was in an episode of GLEE!!!!!!!
it was such an incredible experience!!!!!!! i'v always wondered at the perfect american smile...something american kids must learn for their yearbook pictures but now i realized that when it comes to cheering and team spirit the americans have mastered this ART....
i am happy to report that i survived the night although i did miss a couple of heartbeats when the cheerleaders were in is true, the movies don't lie....cheerleaders really can fly!!!!!! i couldn't believe how high they are thrown up into the air and without trampolines and how brave they are when they come down without safety nets....

(-: Rhoda :-)

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