Wednesday, October 31, 2012

napa valley!!!!!!!!

 weekends are a perfect time to get into the car and drive off....
wine country is always matter where in the world!!!!!!!
but if you have a boyfriend/friend who is obsessed with the outdoors and nature will find yourself visiting a vineyard like no other....
it's amazing to even imagine that someone would think of setting up a vineyard as close as possible to the clouds!!!!!!!
 driving driving!!!!!! simply enjoying the beautiful vines and the gorgeous homes on the vineyards....
 then this.....a windy road up up up to the vineyard....two way traffic if you please!!!!!!!
 so nothing to do but enjoy the magnificent view and forget about meeting oncoming traffic!!!!!!!!!
 and the view simply gets more and more magical!!!!!!!!

 so what do you do once you are there......the wine tasting was okay!!!!! our connoisseur wasn't that enthusiastic....shame really with such an obnoxiously gorgeous view...but i guess that's the thing about going wine really hope you will be surprised by a tour from the actual winemaker YES!!!!!! that way you will feel special meeting the wine maker, tasting his/her creation, being guided through not only the steps of wine making but also learning how to appreciate the wine.... the wine maker will be naturally passionate and proud of his/her wines which will then make the tasting so much more enjoyable!!!!!!!!....
you will no longer find yourself holding just another glass of wine....but this time it will be a piece of art....carefully crafted for your pleasure!!!!!!!!

beautiful wine country!!!!!!

(-: Rhoda :-)

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