Saturday, October 13, 2012

autumn sun

Well i guess that is it....i am finally respecting my TEMPLE and the gates have come up....
last night i was happy happy happy going out to dinner with an old friend....the menu made me temporarily forget my course to a healthy me and yes i just lost it....had a starter, main meal and dessert....and did i ever pay the price!!!!!!!!! oh well now i know....i am on a path and i just have to respect my body and eat in moderation.......
ok enough food food food!!!!!!!
it's saturday also a pretty wow day!!!!!! the sun is shining!!!!!! what more do you need on an autumn day...the parks will be filled with people taking long walks enjoying the sun as it hits just the right spot...nothing like a bit of vitamin D to get us all happy!!!!!!
so yes i better join the rest of stockholm and enjoy the sunshine!!!!!!!
i just hope i manage to dodge the dog poop on my walk...i just don't get it, this is such a clean city but for some reason picking up dog poop seems to escape some....i mean imagine the poor dog, it can't be fun for them to poop on a cold hard sidewalk instead of the nice outdoorsies with mushy nice smelling nature all around, a place where they can naturally dig and hide their poop unlike the boring city how can we help these dog owners who love to walk their dogs but ignore the simple plastic in hand scoop up the poop....
the only people i can think of to solve this problem are the efficient parking ticket can't park illegally or without paying and get away with it...nope they will ticket why not fine the dog owners who happily walk past their dog poop...after all who wants to slide in dog poop and once the ice hits our sidewalks ice skating in dog poop NOT fun!!!!!!!
happy walking!!!!!!!

(-: Rhoda :-)


  1. Rhoda! Don't go giving parking inspectors even more power, they use a big enough stick already. Except of course if you're a wheelie who really does need that special parking place - somehow the greedy/lazy/inconsiderate people who use the disabled parks never seem to get their comeuppance, not when I'm there to see it anyway. Maybe it's stored up like karma, and they get it back when they slip in icy dog poop!

    1. let's hope the dogs follow these inconsiderate people and poop strategically!!!!!!!

  2. autum is time for snapps and what are those things?? Crayfish and then you sing sing and say Skoll!! lol! :) give a shot to the ticket collectors and tell them skoll :) as life is too short :)

  3. missing the kräftskiva r u??