Wednesday, October 10, 2012

recycling swedish style

Now until you have recycled in have no idea what you are missing out on....the Swedes have taken recycling to another level....
let's begin with the day to day household waste...the paper, the newspapers, the bottles, the cans not to forget the if you are lucky and live near these recycling bins you can include your daily walk en the way recycling is very COOL so if you care about your will simply look a lot cooler!!!!!!! the bins are easily marked so disposing is super easy and then if you are really into the whole culture of recycling you can continue onto your local supermarket and return the bottles and cans and earn a little "pocket money"....
the place to be is the recycling wow wow!!!!!! now that is a part of Sweden that really describes the Swede, organized and socially responsible....this is the place where everyone has the chance to do their little bit for the environment....a harmonious place where we can all come together and dispose of our rubbish in the right way......there is a container for absolutely everything there from your batteries to wood to old name it, you will find a container for it...apart from all the rubbish to throw away, you have charity bins always a plus....
for some reason, recycling takes no more than 10minutes at the most when it can take weeks to organize the load to be driven to the how is that possible!!!!!!
so why not spend a few extra minutes at this wonderful place...
perhaps we could have a toilet and a sink with soap and some nice recycled hand paper towels available to us and what about a coffee machine at our wouldn't that be a nice way
to end the visit!!!!!!!

if you are looking for happy people, you will find them at the recycling station....the people working there just love it when you ask them which container to use....yes this is one place where you will feel appreciated!!!!!!!! happy happy happy doing the right thing!!!!!!!

(-: Rhoda :-)


  1. Do you have the attached shop where you can buy what others have thrown away? Old wheelbarrows and laundry trolleys waiting to be made into planters, trampoline frames to become shadecloth covers to keep the birds out of your fruit bushes, oh such wonderful places to rummage in!

  2. if we all saw potential like u....there would b less 2 throw away and more 2 recycle!!!!!!! go niki!!!!!!