Monday, October 22, 2012

for real!!!!!!!

                                                 DID SOMEONE SAY COOKIES!!!!!!!

how are you supposed to pick one when the choice goes on and on and on....and these are all organic!!!!!!! i thought organic meant easy!!!!! back to nature!!!!! how can all this choice be organically good for are we supposed to feel relaxed and zen after our shopping experience if even the organic stores overload us with choice!!!!!!!

but then if you are lucky!!!!! you will choose the counter with the happy cashier and forget all about the choices that were driving you crazy a moment ago...
he or she will have the most welcoming smile and be so fast and efficient that before you know what hit you, your shopping will be scanned and packed, you'll find yourself engrossed in conversation while paying and as you walk out the store with your happy groceries, you will watch as all the other shoppers who did not choose the happy cashier stand exhausted waiting in line, in a hurry to move on....

way to go happy cashiers!!!!!!!

(-: Rhoda :-)

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