Saturday, October 20, 2012

happy toppings!!!!!!!!

what is it about we ever grow out of loving the smell and taste of this wonderfully inviting food!!!!!!
if it's not memories of childhood that do it to us then it must be all the variety of toppings we can spread on the pancake...this must be one of those foods where whatever you have in your fridge or pantry will taste delicious on your pancake....sweet or savoury....the pancake will never fail!!!!!!!!
there is no time of the day to enjoy this dish and as it is so easy to make even teenagers can impress with this dish...but for some reason i still haven't managed to make my first digestible pancake, i'v tried everything, the old fashioned recipe, the pre-packed mix with water and even the liquid batter all ready made in your fridge at the local supermarket...only thing left is to scoop into the frying pan and  flip.......WELL.....i am not ashamed of this failure but i must admit that nothing brings a smile to me than the smell of pancakes and someone to make them for me.....
happy rolling!!!!!!!

(-: Rhoda :-)


  1. No reason why YOU should still be doing it - the kids are definitely old enough, or get your fella to do it when he's around. You put it in the fridge/cupboard, your part is done LOL except the eating bit...