Tuesday, October 30, 2012

the letter!!!!!!

i have this wonderfully artistic friend who keeps changing her profile picture on f/b and each time she makes a change....i find myself smiling remembering bits of her fun personality!!!!!
celebrating friendships is such a joy!!!!!
we are so lucky to be able to connect with our friends around the world so easily and somehow keep the friendships alive by sharing our thoughts,  feelings, adventures, experiences, interests, ups and downs... and just life in general!!!!!!!!!
i still remember the days of letter writing....and all the thought that went into which kind of paper you were going to use....there was the standard airmail letter, which you folded and sealed....then you could choose between the more elegant writing paper or the fun more decorative variety...
now that i think of it....i use to collect writing paper....my favourite was the grease collection......the funny thing is that i still enjoy the movie today!!!!!! it's all history now but it would have been fun to share this interest with my kids....although they would probably look at me and say mummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm that is soooooooooooo OLD!!!!!!!!!!!!
well i do miss my visits to the post office.....standing in line with my letter in hand....enjoying a conversation with the person helping me behind the counter....
i especially miss the trips to the postal box....filled with anticipation wondering if there was mail for me....and from whom????
there was something magical about the wait!!!!! today it's all just a button away....we no longer have to wait for the letter!!!!!!!

the best part of the letter....was figuring out when to open it....and you had to be especially careful if it was one of those airmail folded up ones so you didn't tear up a sentence....because words were not saved on the screen!!!!!!!!! and nothing could bring tears to your eyes more than losing words in "the letter".....

(-: Rhoda :-)


  1. omg!! i remember those airmail type of letters. Would you believe that they are still being sold today in the post office. There are folks who would rather get a personalised letter than an email because of the thought that goes into painfully writing that letter, choosing your particular pen.. parker or cross with the particular nib size and ink. yes the art of letter writing is lost in today's modern tech of fb, emails and letters and now photos are just a click away on fb as opposed to actually going to the photo studio to print it out and send it in the mail :)

  2. letter writing!!!!!!!! an art form!!!!! you are right about choosing the pen...
    loved fountain pens....